U.S. will increase its presence in the Pacific

U.S. will increase its presence in the Pacific
Any statements by senior military officials always cause a public outcry. Who can turn even the word scandal South American Defense Minister L. Panetta. Currently, the Pentagon chief is touring the countries of Southeast Asia and holds the appropriate negotiations with their management.

Second of June (Moscow time), while in Singapore, Panetta made one statement perceptible. Besides the usual word for the continuation and strengthening of military cooperation, he said plaintext plans its institutions capacity U.S. naval group in the Pacific. According to the Minister of Defense, already this year in the designated region is airlifted several ships serving in other areas. As a result of these transfers in the Pacific will serve almost two-thirds of all South American navy. Last ships will join the group in the Pacific in 2020.
Now the U.S. Navy Pacific compounds considered 285 combat and support ships. 5 of them belong to the class of aircraft carriers — the base of the South American Navy strike force. By 2020, the Pacific Ocean translate another carrier. But the «lack» of ships with vsepolnotsennymi aviation groups will be compensated by other species. So, most of the newly built cruisers and destroyers will go specifically to serve on the U.S. West Coast. Immediately this will be translated and several submarines, as multipurpose and armed ballistic missiles.

Of course, that such plans to strengthen presence in the Pacific region are without any foundation. At their expense Panetta did not say a word, but at the same time highlighted the fact that the transfer of ships is not directed against China. It turns out, if they believe the South American Defense Minister, the most trivial reason the Pentagon planned action is wrong. L. Panetta believes that, despite the huge amount of controversy, the U.S. and China still should not stoop to the hostilities, because neither side will receive from them no utility. Is noteworthy that the confrontation between the U.S. and China is perhaps the main theme of the analyzes and projections for the future and the Pacific and Southeast Asia. This question of the future of Taiwan, and the fate of several islands in the South China Sea, and a number of other ambiguities. Yet Panetta denies’ Chinese footprint «in the transfer of ships, and while the official Beijing remains silent. Before traveling Pentagon chief Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement which speaks of deference to U.S. interests in the region and hope for reciprocity from the Yankees. What to local disputes between countries in the region, the Chinese officials quite rightly believe that this question concerns only those states.

Need to see the official statements from Washington and Beijing look specifically. On the one hand, the declared absence of any bad plans, but on the other hand, in the Pacific are not many countries that can boast of a severe navy. First come to mind Our homeland and China. With China, however, clear. Remains an option with the American attempt to prepare for the renewal of the Russian Pacific Fleet. This version they say the announced deadlines gain Pacific grouping US NAVY — 2020. Specifically, this year Russia will complete the current state program re (LG-2020). Increased attention is paid to the development of the Navy and is unlikely in the Pentagon do not know about it. Perhaps move the LG 2020 is currently urging the United States to think of responses. Most trivial — except its own fleet of high-quality improvements — increase the number of warships in the region. But all the success implementation of the State program can not one hundred percent «strangle» doubts about its upcoming implementation. It’s quite a daunting project and should not entertain any dizziness from success. While no one can guarantee that all planned ships will be commissioned exactly the appointed time. In this case, the South American Pacific strengthening compounds may prove to be very ambitious and, as a consequence, economically unprofitable.

U.S. will increase its presence in the Pacific

Here again is worth going back to the theme of China. In recent years, China shows significant progress in different sectors of the economy and production. For example, since 2006, Celestial systematically increases the number of its own warships and increase their quality. The most famous fruit of these actions become amphibious ships project 071. Currently, two such ships are already serving in the South China Sea, and in the coming few years, their number doubled. Also this summer Chinese are planning to commission its own first aircraft carrier «Shi Lang» (the last «Varyag»), and in addition promise to build several ships of this class. So even if our homeland will not be able to fulfill its plans to refurbish the fleet, the South American Mariners still exists a severe competitor. Well, if our homeland, and China will do everything that is currently planned, like the Pentagon ultimately did not have the second times to increase its presence in the Pacific.
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