UFO flew again Fokino


Author: Renat Zaynutdinov
An unidentified flying object was flying again on Sunday (ie 25.09.2005) on the seaside town Fokino

According to the National News Agency eyewitnesses, he could be seen on Sunday, when the object passed over the city from end to end, just above the federal highway.
Then the UFO "floating" in one area of the suburb over the 30-th ship repair yard in the Bay Chazhma. It is in this bay August 10, 1985, an explosion occurred at the nuclear submarine K-431, Project 675. Thus was formed the radioactive plume, the axis of which crosses the Danube peninsula in the north-west and went out to sea on the coast of the Ussuri Bay. The length of the train in the peninsula of 5.5 km.
Residents of nearby villages assured that the UFO appears here every day. But this time, the apparatus was different shape.

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