UFO landing in London




On March 31, 1989, thousands of drivers moving along the highway in the suburbs of London, saw a brightly glowing in the air flying saucer, the descending on their city. Many of them stopped to consider the strange device, hovering in the air. In the end, the plate down on the field on the outskirts of London. Local residents immediately called the police to warn her about an alien invasion. Soon the police arrived and one brave officer was closer to the machine, putting himself in front of his club. When the door opened and in the doorway appeared a little figure in a silver gown, a policeman took to their heels. Plate was a balloon, constructed 36-year-old chairman of the company "Virgin Records" Richard Branson (Richard Branson) in such a way that it looked like a UFO. This flight was made possible thanks to the passion of balloons Brunson and his love of practical jokes. He planned to land in central London's Hyde Park on April 1, but the wind knocked him off course and he was forced to land on a day earlier elsewhere.


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