Ukraine: girl-bird singing voices hundred birds




Dnipropetrovsk schoolgirl Sasha Gavrylenko can play more than one hundred birds singing. First bird-girl singing in five years.

A truly fascinated by doing this a few years ago when a friend introduced her to ornithology. Birds singing even respond to Sasha.

Hear the cry of an eagle-call loudmouth in nature can only be in the south of the Sahara. But Sasha Gavrylenko easily simulate and this bird, and many others, reports TRK "Ukraine".

He says that for the first time reproduced the voice of a dove. But now even the experts can not tell the birds are singing from Sasha's performance. Girl accurately detect even the birds from a distance. By studying ornithology, she is well-versed in the varieties of birds. And it may talk like a bird with any of them. Sometimes, using his gift, she called rare birds. They also confuse it with these trills.

And in order to develop their abilities, Sasha Gavrylenko happens in scientific expeditions. From there, always brings new songs. The best simulator Sasha finds jay. And once it has arranged with little competition.

With Sasha often takes a camera. To complete your collection in the case of the album. Well-received and birds on her drawings. But there's more fantastic. And the girl in a kind envies his feathered friends. For the fact that they are able to fly.

Battery News, 05.04.2004 9:50
Source: MIGnews

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