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13.11.11.Prestuplenie against nature. We are launching a series of stories about that — why Ukraine is rapidly losing its natural wealth. On the verge of extinction, many species of animals. Under saws woodcutters get even unique forest. Fish stocks in the country since independence fell twenty times.

To understand why this is happening and how to make stocks rose, Ukrainian scientists create new scientific programs. Scale fishing for industrial research is catching up. Addressed to researchers increasingly accusations that developed under their patronage is the real poaching. After all, for science to catch fish can be anywhere and in any quantity. What is so intensively studied in our seas and rivers, and do we need a science? — Investigation of Roman Bochkaly.

On this boat we now go to the Sea of Azov. For the employees of the Berdyansk rybinspektsii — planned bypass area. We want to see the researchers who fish for the sake of science.

— Now we go to the Gulf, the weather will change, the weather will be much worse than here.

The navigation system shows that in our area there are three research vessel. Go to the nearest one.

— We are five miles from the coast, in fact, in the open sea. Before us, the fishing seiner Talwar. This vessel is engaged in fishing for scientific purposes. Now let's try to come closer to him and, weather permitting, — climb aboard.

The ship is built along the side and helps us to moor.

— Protyaguy, protyaguy on! It seems to work out.

This bull caught to study the characteristics of its migration, explains researcher Berdyansk Institute Azov Paul Zabroda.

Paul Zabroda — researcher at the Institute of the Azov Sea:

The program to study the basics of ecological reproduction Azov bull. As well as an increase in biological productivity of the shelf, as well as biological treatment eftorofirovannyh areas of the Azov Sea and the estuaries.

For studies need only a few individuals, and these pieces of fin tubes, recognized scientist. The rest of the fish can be released, because it is still alive, but …

— This fish is the contract will go to the fishing enterprises PE "Talwar".

Enterprise "Talwar" gives scientists the ship. Would get a catch. Helping science is not only noble, but also profitable, recognized the captain.

Dmitry Cherdakly — captain of the ship, "Talwar":

For a day, three or four stations, it turns out — missing.

If we did not know that the ship is engaged in research, it would be possible to decide what is a normal commercial fishing.

— What we learn? We do not learn — we catch a steer.

Ship "Love" returns to port of Kerch. All week the vessel studied anchovy.

The result of scientific research — ten pages of the report and … five tons of fish. We were reluctant to let the hold and we see — the catch floating in brine. For studies such anchovy unusable, but for sale — at the time.

Anatoly Derevyanchenko — captain of the ship "Love":

Handle for sale in Ukraine, for the people. Food prices.

Together with anchovy caught in the network and these large pelengasy. They also went on the counter.

— We do when trawling, with anchovy catches pelengas.
— And where it goes on sale?
— For sale. We here in the holds of the ice is cooled.

In Kerch Institute of Marine Fisheries will get only this little box. Here admit to research could be hundreds of times to catch less fish. But scientists have their ships not to pay for their rent, too nothing. Therefore, to study the sea has to the detriment of the sea.

Vladislav Way — Head of the Department of the Azov-Black Sea and ocean marine living resources YugNIRO:

The rest of the amount must catch to fishing fishing enterprises that provide their ships — be profitable to do so. Otherwise, nobody will.

Such collaboration of science and business is legitimate. According to the instruction of the Agency for Fisheries, any company can be the so-called "co-executor of the" scientific institutions for research. Subcontractor provides fleet, and in return receives a catch. Typically, ninety percent.

This scheme has made scientific fishing commercially viable, said Dr. Sergei Mezhzherin Biological Sciences. According to him, fishing companies are literally lining up to participate in the research programs. After fishing for research presents opportunities that capture fisheries are prohibited.

Sergei Mezhzherin — Doctor of Biological Sciences:

Fishing — nothing more than an attempt to cover up just outright poaching — to give the opportunity to travel, and in the spring the ban — catch fish. A permit, who is there to check — the authorization for ten tone, but as he's caught?

For example, for science to catch fish can be nine months of the year and all over the sea, and not in restricted areas of the fishing gear. And, you can spawn in when the fish spawn. Allowed for research and catch the so-called "trawl".

Sergei Mezhzherin — Doctor of Biological Sciences:

Trawl — a terrible fishing gear that literally plow bottom and takes all life.

According to official data, every year for scientific purposes caught up to ten thousand tons of fish. How many are caught under a scientific guise — impossible to calculate.

These shots were taken in Genichesk. Here recently detained two ships working on scientific programs. These law enforcement officers found the holds ninety tons of fish. At Fisherman's Wharf, scientists have been waiting to send van catch on sale.

The investigation prosecutors found out: one to sail unfortunate nauchnikov caught twenty tons of bull, and documents reflecting — one hundred fifty kilograms.

Customer of these so-called "research" was Berdyansk Institute of Azov. Its director, Leonid Izergin its employees is not justified.

Leonid Izergin — Director of the Institute of Berdyansk Sea of Azov:

All tests taken? Well, you go and get some sleep, but we're still so far no one sees more digging — we now know that there are a lot of fish … And then we'll go to the beach. Someone gave a bucket of fish — go to feed the family. You Well salary is small? Fifteen two thousand hryvnia. Someone said — we'll give you the money. This too is. To someone just poured a glass. He drank it and fell asleep. Poor guy was asleep? Well, let's floors …

Scientists must have its own fleet, the head of the Agency for Fisheries Sergei Dronik. All hope of a new development program for the fishing industry, which in the next month to accept the Cabinet.

Sergei Dronik:

Then generally clears the problem corrects itself. Will be 3-5 ships that will perform well research programs and to star of this issue once and for all.

In the meantime, Ukrainian waters in search of discoveries roam around a hundred ships. Only in the Sea of Azov for scientific catch fish fifty-six ships. Sixteen more — in the Black Sea and twenty-seven in rivers and reservoirs. Meanwhile, the fish stocks are rapidly declining. But the answer to the main question — why? — The entire fleet can not find.

Bocskai novel, Irina Dyachenko and Basil Menovshchikov — "Details of the week" TV channel "Inter".

, Benefits pretexts to destroy not only fish, but also forest reserves, wildlife. Next Sunday we will show — as the Ukrainian reserves become training grounds for elite hunting. And at the end of November, you'll learn what tricks are for foresters for cutting precious woods.

Source: Detail-TV

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