Ulyanovsk municipality may fail under the ground

Karst holes

24.08.11.Na present such a threat hanging over the Ulyanovsk city hall officials. PE can be a cause of urban planning decisions that City Hall officials have taken previously and which continue to take now.

Dips soil Simbirsk mountain where is the center of Ulyanovsk, happened before. This mountain is composed of clay soil also permeated many underground springs, rivers, lakes, etc. In October of 2007. after two days of heavy rains from the corner of the building house number 11 on the street Kuznetsov, a piece fell off the wall.

This building stood for long enough, that would explain the draft, which happened in 2007., Poor foundation. Perhaps the rain infiltrated clay roof underground caves, and therefore the house gave the draft. Or rain water overflowed the underground lake, which has no runoff, and groundwater began to wash away the roof of an underground cavern inside.

One of the two building-candles on the street. Kuznetsova decades sealed metal frame, because here too there were cracks. Even before the beginning of the building to provide a draft of the former "Inkom" on the street. Kuznetsova, the walls of the building cracks. What is really going on with the buildings on the street. Kuznetsova, today hardly anyone on the basis of qualitative research, be able to explain.

In July of this year in the central part of Ulyanovsk took several dips. July 4 at the entrance to City Hall from the street. Soviet was a large pit. The next day, when the failure of the covered rubble, a new failure is now below the City Hall building on the street. Kuznetsova, next to the dental clinic. This failure landed passing through the streets of cars.

The next car got into another failure on the street. Goncharova, July 18, in front of the house "Pallas". Neither the specialized agencies or public utilities, much less bureaucrats do not know anything about the processes occurring at a depth of 10 meters above the ground.

Heavy office buildings are concentrated in the center does not put pressure on the solid clay soil, which can be no roof filled underground cave, posing a risk of failure, not only for cars but also for buildings. Probably frequent dips in July confirmed that version.

Serious geological studies in the city center were not carried out for many years. Primarily due to a lack of funding. Geologists conducting reconnaissance for buildings under construction, zaburivayutsya only 4 — 6 meters. However builders continue to build up massive buildings downtown. To the previously constructed in the area heavy buildings memtsentra, peduniversi the Committee, the regional administration and hotel "Crown" and "Soviet" in recent years to add not less severe building retail and office center "Mirage".

Building erected near the shopping center "Versailles" that hive-novtsy once aptly dubbed "fly agaric." To the "mirage" and the House of life underground Simbirkoi added complex of high-rise residential buildings, commercial and office buildings. In this patch is a shopping and office center "Pallas', against which the" 18 July "Lada" put in another failure.

Soon the site of the former bus stop beyond the Volga route will increase the hotel complex "Hilton", which also did not improve the situation in the area. Once upon a time in this place lies the riverbed Simbirki flowing into Sviyaga. Then put in the river bed concrete pipe and covered with earth. In what state is now the pipe is uncertain, her many years no one saw.

In this case, the authorities promised to low-rise buildings will be either in the far Zasviyazhe or the Volga, between the New Town and B. terrace. Ie in areas where there is no danger of falling or movements of the soil. Huge office buildings continue to allow the authorities persistently elevated to exposed soil shifts the center of Ulyanovsk.

On the street. Kuznetsova, opposite the city hall, in the past years was built the tax office. Once again heavy skyscraper rose in the place which is dangerous failures and landslides. Fail if the mayor's office into the ground if it should happen, when? These questions, and the questions about the possibility of disasters in other parts of the central part of Ulyanovsk, remain unanswered.

Primarily in the form of weak awareness of geologists and planners that actually happening in the bowels of the mountain Simbirsk. At the same time, an analysis of the authorities in recent years gives reason to believe that these actions "in the blind" inexorably closer Ulyanovsk, its center, to a terrible accident.

I. Aleksandrov

Source: ulpressa.ru

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