Under Syzran fireball hit the truck


Photo: sfw.org.ua

10.07.11. Near the junction of the M-5 and Syzran-Ulyanovsk July 9 fireball hit the truck. SCANIA truck tractor trailer moved from Samara to Penza.

Suddenly it began to rain, turned into a tempest of hail and strong wind. Despite the lightning and deafening thunder, the car continued to move forward, slow down. At about 12:25 2 meters in front of the bonnet car fireball appeared slightly bigger than a tennis ball. The driver has already started to slow down, when the ball exploded with a deafening roar. The car stopped abruptly, the engine stalled.

According to the victim, he was sore for a while and was in shock. When the driver came around a bit, then tried to start the engine, but the car did not make a sound. It turned out that all electrical equipment including a trip computer, from a powerful electric discharge have failed. Then the driver called the "Service Rescue 1911" and called the tow truck.

The same evening, SCANIA was transported to Saratov for complete repair of electrical equipment. Fortunately, the truck driver was unhurt, in the circumstances, is a miracle.

Source: Little Syzran

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