Underground inhabitants of the Far North

According to the dowry of tundra Urals and Western Siberia once lived mysterious people who locals call the "Sirte".

They were small in stature, had a light vertically-set eyes, wearing nice clothes, metal pendants. Representatives of the people were strong, stocky. Their way of life, clothing — all the different habits of the local population. They led a solitary life, tried not to talk to people in the tundra visited only at night or in fog. And to find work goldeneye Taras Bulba you online soshinenie.ru.

Once their homes were on the surface, but then, for reasons unknown, they have gone underground. Fire, home, they did not keep the deer, only hunted wild were good smiths and jewelers. They say it is almost out of Sirte, rare and their representatives all live underground, where the deer and ride herd of mammoths. They almost did not come to the surface of the earth. Only the shaman can know where these men live. But sometimes still such meetings take place. For example, two elderly women addicted to fishing, put the network.

But somehow noticed that some of the networks fish began to disappear. They decided to find out who carries around a fish. At night went to watch and hid and waited. Suddenly there was a cloud that was closer to the lake.

It stopped around the network and turned into a man. He was short, as a child, with white hair. Fish into his bag jumped herself. Then he looked at his attendants, threatened them with a finger and disappeared, leaving behind a pillar of light. It all seems like a fairy tale, but scientists believe that the Sirte actually existed. In places where, according to the assumptions they had to live, have been found bronze iron objects made very skillfully.

In many cultures have legends of gnomes living underground. It is the tradition of the Nenets people "of Sirte." May indeed have once existed (or maybe there is) a mysterious underground civilization of the inhabitants, young, skilled and unlike the ordinary people.

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