Uniforms of the future

Uniforms of the futureSouth American scientists are working to create a "uniform of the future" — this is an ultra-light "overalls" which not only protects from water, explosions and bullets, also is in control of the state and health of fighters and help navigate the terrain. These developments has been Institute Soldiers of nanotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

With all of this institute, which, incidentally, is one of the leading research institutions in the world, with 2002 runs Institute Soldiers of nanotechnology. This institution was organized through a five-year contract between the research management of the armed forces of the United States and MIT. The amount of this contract is $ 50 million. After the project was recognized successful, the contract was extended for another 5 years. The purpose of the institute — the introduction and development of nanotechnology in providing the Army, for that to the conduct of hostilities drastically reduce the number of victims in the middle fighter. The ultimate goal — creation the newest "Army XXI century". In this army will be high-tech clothing, which combines within itself comfort in use, light weight and supreme functionality. All this has a bulletproof suit, which dogs health, makes the pain of injury and simultaneously reacts to the action of chemical and biological agents.

At the moment we whole picture seems mind-boggling, but further implementation of nanotechnology in a position to do it real. Such equipment would be able to protect fighter protection from threats and from the enemy's guns, and even elicited a natural fit to the disease. How to find experts at the Institute nanotehlogii — the right approach in the development of "uniforms of the future." The very idea of them laid miniaturization of equipment to reduce its weight. For example, it is already a big radio transmitter which worn on the shoulder strap, substitute "tag", which is the size of no more buttons on the collar. The classic waterproof cape can change the hyperfine permanent coating that is applied not only on the clothes, and also on any of the things a fighter. In addition, the nano-world lives by its own laws, which differ from the principles of the macrocosm, so in its criteria may seem devices and materials with very unusual properties.

At the moment, the institute conducts research in five directions. First — creating a very light and functional nanomaterials nanofibers. 2nd — care plan in uniform. Third — protection from explosions. Fourth — the development of defenses against biological and chemical weapons. And, finally, the fifth — joining nano into a unified system of protection.

So, in a first direction with nanolayers, scientists are trying to modify the surface of everyday materials, with all this without increasing the weight of the fabric. These layers make the fabric more stable in danger of brutal outdoor environment. Researchers also try to introduce into the surface of nano-semiconductor particles (quantum dots), which depend on the composition, morphology and size. The introduction of these points will open the possibility of creating ultra-light sensors, light, storage info and light emitters. Integrated Nano overalls fighter in a single system, will help him a lot better navigate the unknown terrain. Moreover, quantum dots act as detectors for recognizing the composition of the medium. This is very crucial for the fighter, because it helps you find the bio and chemical weapon. Such research has the goal of carbon nano-tubes and creation multifunctional nanomaterials with specific properties.

Second line — the introduction of a uniform devices that are kept constantly under the control of the health of a fighter, but also will improve the methods of the field of medicine. This can assist polymeric materials that have variable firmness. They can be — at the neck or head injuries — stop motion, and fractures — bus.

Forthcoming as the development of these technologies — the creation of an automated system of healing and the development of on-line diagnostics methods that are unsafe for living conditions. For application to the wound pharmaceuticals developed special fibers which contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances. These substances are allocated as needed very quickly, even in the criteria for the fight. The next step will be to improve the implementation of thin films of proteins that will heal the tissue and induce growth. Methods for the development of such tools — an association of design nanostukturnyh materials, genetic engineering, bioinformatics. In addition, the project comes to improved methods of post-traumatic recovery, and more precisely, nanodostavku pharmaceutical agents into the brain soldiers who have suffered traumatic brain injury.

Taking into account the very highest death rate from the explosions, which is typical for modern warfare, the Institute is engaged in research, act as shrapnel and explosions in the brain and other tissues of humans. And scientists are developing materials that can protect the body from unsafe consequences. Also Institute scientists improve methods for detecting unsafe bio and chemical agents in the environment, but also exploring ways to protect the body from that exposure.

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