United Arab Emirates have acquired missile systems THAAD, the amount of the contract is 2.6 billion. Bucks

Missile Defense Agency of the United States with the company Lockheed Martin has signed a contract for the establishment and subsequent delivery of the UAE 2-missile batteries complex THAAD. Defense Aerospace reports that the transaction amounts to 1.96 billion. bucks. Not counting systems, the United Arab Emirates company Lockheed Martin for the complexes THAAD supply two radar AN/TPY-2 in the amount of 582.5 million dollars. The total cost of these agreements was approximately 2.6 billion. bucks.

The transfer of military technology will produce for the band zabugornyh military supplies. Missile system is expected to deliver to the United Arab Emirates in June 2016, and all ordered radar by October 2018 UAE asked the United States for sale THAAD systems in September 2008 General amount promising deal then estimated at seven billion. bucks. Not counting systems and radars, the Arab government ordered the fire control system and communication, and training.

THAAD — mobile ground complex, designed to intercept missiles and medium-range at the end of extra-atmospheric and medium-trajectory. The complex implemented the concept of kinetic interception, implying a direct hit on the target missile. This missile complex can exchange data with other systems protivoballisticheskimi, in which a variety of Aegis. Complexes not counting the fact can make working with SAM Patriot PAC-3 and PAC-2. The structure of the battery THAAD Includes: 3 launchers with 24 interceptor missiles, radar and command post.

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