United States began to develop suit for giving military abilities of superheroes

Over the next 3 years the South American military can get the latest armor entitled TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), reportsBBC.

New suit will give Marines superhuman capabilities. Namely, it is about a suit with exoskeletal basis with the introduction of hydraulic amplifiers muscle, but other than that he has a shell with a «smart» (or active) armor. In addition, there should be a laptop computer and computer communication system.

In terms of reference for the development of sensors TALOS also included body temperature, heart rate and level of dehydration of the body.
According to experts, a similar suit can only be created by pooling municipal research institutes, private companies and institutions.

At this point it is clear that in this project perceive the role of researchers from MIT, which at the present time are developing watery armor made of materials, hardening under the influence of a magnetic field or electron discharge.

Recall that previously were made similar suits, working on the principle of the exoskeleton or supporting apparatus.

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