Unknown poison the water in the creek to the south-east of Moscow


MOSCOW, May 16. In Moscow seek attackers poison the water in the creek to the south-east stolitsy.Kak write "Novye Izvestia", on Saturday, May 14, police and emergency department of Moscow State University received a signal from the residents of the street Khokhlovka complaining about the strong smell of naphthalene, which was felt in their apartments. The police arrived at the site of the incident, found the source of noxious fumes.

In the river Pauper (known also under the name "Khokhlovskiy creek") water flowed brown, smelling of mothballs. "Specialists MOE water samples. Most likely, an unknown poison poured into the river from the vehicle cargo tank, but wanted the offender has not brought results, "- said a police source.

On this fact the environmental prosecutor's office launched a probe.


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