Unplanned pregnancy: Medical Aspects

Unplanned pregnancy.

Very often, not knowing that the pregnancy has already occurred, the women drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke, make X-rays. In general, are irrelevant to this way of life as the body. Periods do not start. And when making testpregnancy, woman realizes she is pregnant, it immediately begins to remember with horror all the drunk glasses and taken pills. Naturally, the first question to the doctor to be so — "And if it does not hurt my baby?"

The first thing to do — is to reassure pregnant. However, a 100% guarantee that baby will be completely healthy, no doctor can not give. Even if a woman does not drink and never smoked in my life. But the likelihood that the child's OK, really great.

The fact that approximately the first 10 days of life has not sticked embryo to the uterine wall and joined to the mother's circulation. Therefore, those pollutants that enter the mother's blood, the child is not being received. Final implantation of the ovum takes place at the end of the second week of pregnancy, if counting from the time of conception. This time, just the same as the first days of a missed period and the establishment of pregnancy. Typically, after this woman is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

And what about the X-rays, conceiving in a highly intoxicated and other hazards not related to maternal and fetal circulation? In this case it is necessary to rely onMother Nature. After all, at this early period works the law of nature called "All or Nothing". In other words, if the fetus adversely influence its development something went wrong, the pregnancy is terminated independently at an early period.

Sometimes a woman can not even guess that she was pregnant. Simply period comes a few days later, a little more painful and heavy.

A unless pregnancy proceeds normally, there is no threat of miscarriage, most of all, with the baby is fine.

However, if the question of the health of the child continues to excite young mother and her physician, in the 12 weeks to do a detailed ultrasound examination. And also pass a special blood test, the so-called "triple test". This analysis estimates the three hormones in the blood —AFP chorionic gonadotropin and estriol. According to the level of these hormones, the probability of birth defects in the unborn child.

Before delivery of this analysis, a pregnant woman needs to gain strength and patience. Perhaps this analysis will have to pass more than once, but two or even three. The fact that the concentration of these hormones is dependent on a variety of reasons why a lot of erroneous test results.

According to the results of the test and ultrasound doctor assesses the probability of deviations in the development of the child. If abnormalities are detected, it is still not too late to have an abortion. But if a pregnant abortion initially unacceptable that some doctors do not advise to do the "triple test". Why spend so much nerves while waiting for the results of analysis re-take if woman still set to give birth to this child? And if you suddenly show up deviation, then the pregnant woman have to walk the rest of pregnancy with extremely painful sensations. But it is better to spend that time with no extra stress and unpleasant thoughts.

But, most of all, with the kid's all right. And in the future, following the advice of a doctor, leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, a young mother provides her unborn child "healthy" start. Even though that lifestyle early pregnancy was not quite "pregnant".

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