Unsolved mysteries of the Urals

Ural — a mountainous region, where very often mysterious things happen. Some researchers even suggest these lands, that there is some kind of anomalous zone, and the tradition of the "godforsaken" places associated with UFOs.

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For example, not far from the village of Crooked Lake is a high mountain, where the people have given a terrible name — "Devil's ancient settlement". Even in pre-revolutionary times the local population was sure that in that place live chertyata, which often organize dances at night. Even today, many say they have seen on the flat top of the mountain is often like a "play" lights — that soar up to the sky and disappear somewhere below. Moreover, the possibility that having a good time on the mountain tourists completely ruled out, since the lights do not look like an ordinary fire — they are difficult to "live" and "dance" over the surface. UFO's that or some otherworldly force — no it is not known.

According to an old legend, in the Ural Mountains Uktusskaya there is such a place, once in which you can remember all of their past lives. Residents near settlements say that several times a year over the tops of the mountains appear luminous objects of different shapes. Some believe that it is the keepers of the reserved seats.

There in the Urals and another strange place — it is the road Ukhta Evma. Back in the old days of it went bad name, and travelers and merchants were hesitant to go on a trip without talismans and icons, as feared "demons that appear in the air." And in our time traveling on this road, motorists often talk about what they saw along the route of the flashes of light and dancing lights. Also in this area were several cases of missing people.

To this day, Ural keeps many unsolved mysteries, which in recent decades have increased also puzzles, with the appearance of a UFO.

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