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In Moscow in the summer of 1999 there was a wave of terrorist attacks. People were afraid of listening to the news that the alarm will sound reports the names of their friends or relatives and thought, whose house will blow up next? In this environment, the exhibition hall "Izmailovo" was held in Moscow exhibition of paintings and ceramics Nicholas Shesterenko. It was his first solo exhibition titled "Still life-affirming." Re-reading the book reviews, a complete delight and gratitude, you feel the transformation of the audience and their souls from the creation of genuine and full of love to the world of the artist.

By coincidence, the third solo exhibition was held in November 2002 in the same room in an atmosphere of general fear of terrorist attacks. In addition to art lovers to the exhibition "Energy of the Universe" came people who passed through the halls quickly, and without looking for a single picture, for some reason, looking for a website, and then had a long conversation with him. These were the entrepreneurs of various calibers. There were those who view his bodyguards plunged into horror art lovers and servants of the exhibition hall. Entrepreneurs interested in the "Energy of the Universe," but not in a figurative expression, but a real, inexhaustible and promising untold riches.

It turned out such an unusual visitors to the show was bound to become an engineer in Moscow "Works vacuum!", Published in the journal "Technology Youth» № 9 of the same year. The author of this article — Nikolai Shesterenko — revealed the secret of their copyright certificates 15 years ago, in each of which there was one element of the set, which he provisionally called "the WEU-W" — vacuum power unit Shesterenko.

Prior to this publication, to understand the action of wind turbines-III, it was necessary to read just three certificates of recognition that almost no one has done. So the author protect themselves during the USSR period of the psychiatric hospital or physical destruction. I did not think he was that he would be destined for life to return to this subject, but exploded in the United States Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and followed by a reaction of all countries, forced him to change his mind — and three days later, on September 14 of that year, He filed a new application for an invention, which is currently issued patent number 2206409 entitled "Nozzle Shesterenko." Thus were born the most sacred, that does not even trust the closest and dearest people, the secret to getting any man of inexhaustible energy and environmentally friendly.

This was followed by other applications, and other Russian patent number, filing international applications, but the most important thing is that Nikolai sent the text of the above article in almost all the embassies of countries in Moscow and in many newspapers and magazines to stop the imminent global slaughter for oil, announcing to the world that you can get energy directly from the physical vacuum.

Since 2001, Discovery periodically broadcast television films about various inventions on alternative energy, which, along with the schemes Tesla and others shows the invention of the USSR and states that "the nozzle gear" — setting, owned by Russian, which draws its energy directly from the vacuum .

In summer 2002, Australia launched a WEU-W (another name — "tips Shesterenko") as a ramjet engine, which has a top speed of a missile on which it was installed over 5 Mahov (supersonic speeds). This was reported in all the media, though without mentioning the author's claims.

At the same time the letters were sent to the embassies of such letters to Putin, Luzhkov, Gromov, the heads of all regions of Russia. Reaction — at best a polite evasion, citing a lack of money or simply silence. But entrepreneurs coming and coming, questioned, send queries and receive answers, and then disappear without fulfilling any of its promises.

One of the St. Petersburg entrepreneurs with witnesses admitted that already produced a prototype of one embodiment of the use of wind turbines-W and makes a profit. The proposal's make the installation more perfect entrepreneur took with delight, and then changed his mobile phone number and disappeared.

At the moment, various organizations and individual small and large firms are working on the transportation of natural gas, as well as gas separation into three phases and several fractions, waste oil sludge and other technology options using SEM-III, but without the author and without his direct participation. However, the author does not catch the hand of unscrupulous partners: he believes that ultimately will benefit Russia and continues to consult for free more and more enthusiasts. And in order to make their fate, wholesale published all the options nozzle cog in the international application, which easily can be requested at Rospatent under number WO 03/025379 AL IPC-7: F 02 to 7/00. In this publication, the choices ramjet engine, car engine, acceleration of gas in a plasma state, producing a stream of gas equal to the power of any power plant, and much more.

In order to provide a general outline on what basically works WEU-W, you can bring the following analogy. When the waterfall is directed to the turbine blades, all of the useful energy is used to spin turbines. If the turbine is installed in the winding wire, and the magnet is not present, will not produce electricity. So only one rotation of the turbine is meaningless, and the waterfall provides no additional energy — all the costs of rotation of the turbine.

The presence of the magnet changes the picture: working electric motors, powering a variety of mechanisms, burning lamps, heated by the heaters. All the energy of the water falling on the blades is still only on the rotation of the turbine. Where does electricity come from? But even in such large numbers? It violated all the laws of thermodynamics efficiency infinitely more water consumed energy. Therefore, the scientists and their books are lying, and echo them fools and lead people away from the truth.

In conclusion to the above, it should be added that the astronomers calculated theoretically proved the existence of vacuum energy in the universe. According to their calculations, only 2-3% of the energy consumed in the creation of the visible world (galaxies, stars and planets), and the rest of the energy is in the physical vacuum. In one of the books by J. Wheeler led the evaluation of the lower limit of this infinite energy, which was found to be 1095 g/cm3. It is not surprising that the vacuum is the ultimate source of all existing forms of energy and the right thing to get energy directly from the vacuum.

Shesterenko tips — this is a chance to fix things in the environment, stop the war over energy resources, to rebuild the world order in accordance with the laws of the universe and understand that God is for all people and all alone in front of it are equal. But if people miss this chance — prepare a new Noah's Ark, which is depicted in a mortar Svayambanat in Nepal in Kathmandu in the form of a disc-shaped craft with a disk-like bulges in the center of large disks. These bulges and have cascades of wind turbines-W.

These devices allow people to move to cities, flying around the Earth, and create favorable conditions for their life, with the inexhaustible energy of the physical vacuum. Let the Earth turns, washing off a wave height of several kilometers garbage human greed, all their so-called wealth.

In cities, people flying rethink everything and spiritually enriched return to a new, modified the Earth to improve on it further, leaving the former land of all its destructive tendencies in the material world, the technocratic development and carnal pleasures. Great sin to impose their different concept of happiness. Everyone chooses it to your liking. It depends on the taste and flavor of future events that will save humanity, or destroy him.

Nikolai Shesterenko revealed all its secrets, all published. Now, he has every right to do favorite painting, devoting his wife poems do ceramic vases and safely prepare for his fourth solo exhibition, vrachuya life-giving energy of body and soul sincere art lovers. The words "beauty will save the world" sounds as relevant as ever today, because the inner world of each person has a choice of chaos or harmony.

Eugene Essenes

On the verge of possible 5 (336), 2004

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