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In the book, Alexis Kungurova (Tyumen) "Kievan Rus 'was not, or that hide the historians' got curious fragment of the" Arseny Sukhanov. Debate with the Greeks of the faith. " I will not discuss now but the authenticity of the document, no matter what, it is quite reasonable to explain why three independent laboratories (Switzerland, UK and the U.S.), not knowing the origin of the samples of tissue (Shroud of Turin), on the basis of studies on the establishment of dating by radiocarbon dating, gave nearly identical conclusions about their age. 12th century a new era. Astronomers also indirectly indicate the date of Jesus' birth by calculating the rate of expansion of the Crab Nebula, which is called Bethlehem Star evangelicals, they gave the approximate date of its occurrence. Again the 12th century!

Now read a quote from the "debate":

"Yes, you train and plane from the Nativity of Christ lost: writing in the current in the 158th year of the Nativity of Christ 1650-th year, and that you expose your train of Greek books and povinutisya not hoschet. — And all you priluchilosya from the Romans, zanezhe ellinskago exercise yard at the printing Imatia and books you publish in Rome and Venice, and in England, and the Greeks, Scripture teaches go to Rome and Venice, and didaskoly you all come from the sciences to you and there ONET being, which is shed in scabbed and robust cattle herd okorostoveet, tacos and your didaskoly come to you from Rome and Venice from all scabby, As Blasius didaskol rivers from the science of Roman customs, and to teach you, and you them around listening to, because you do not have your science Greeks, language and books from them priimaete. — Other w river, that you have not had a good, all us moved to Moscow. "

So, Arseny Sukhanov denounces the creators of fake stories and fake calendar in plain text — Rome, Venice and England. But most importantly, it turns out that even in the middle of the 17th century, people remember exactly when Jesus was born! In 1650th he would be 158 years old! It turns out that Jesus was born in 1492., And we have at "their" reckoning on calendars do not have to show off in 2013, but only 521 summer! Again have to make adjustments in the understanding of who we are and from where. More recently, I thought that was stolen from us 5,508 years, because on Slavic calendar for the 7521 summer window-e from the creation of the world, and now it appears that humanity has been stolen as much as 6029 years old! And what happened in these times? More significantly less I see only the last 120-130 years. Well, 135. What once was, no one knows, because the whole story is written by the Jesuits, Freemasons by the French, the Germans and the Bolsheviks.

A reasonable question: — How is it possible? How can you rewrite history on a global scale? A sane person would say: — "Certainly not! There are also manuscripts, artifacts, archaeological finds, and everything is consistent with the traditional history! ". I myself have recently naively believed these "clues." Having learned from his aunt Grunya not like, do their own conclusions. Why should only the myth of the Library of Alexandria, which allegedly kept cars folios, this despite the fact that the paper had not been invented? And that there are attempts to find a library of Ivan the Terrible? And remember, the Bolsheviks simply burnt on vacant lots in different parts of Moscow archives of the Romanov dynasty of more than half a million volumes?

I think so:

1) Replace the calendars. A great way to bury the truth — it is regularly organize to change the system of chronology. Lunar calendar, sunny, Muslim, Jewish, Slavic, Hindu, Julian, Gregorian, the devil leg break in the chaos. You can bury anything. Go to the "right" event can draw any date. Not suitable Gregorian calendar, take the moon, and now you have thousand years of history!

2) The substitution of geographical names as well a favorite way to falsify the original event. Wrote that the Battle of Kulikov was on the Don River, and so far everyone is convinced that the case was on the Don Don, where gulevali horses. And the fact that any river named Don, this is hard to remember. And now look at what were the events of the Dons. But it is also, and London LONG DON — just long river. On this hypothesis prompted, paradoxically, the name of the mountain on the Falklands archipelago. Gore is called Longdon.

3) Relocation of large masses. The most innocuous — the organization of large-scale projects such as BAM, NGOs Nizhnekamskneftehim, Celina, the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant, Magnitogorsk, etc. A huge number of guest workers and specialists fill the "buzz" of their traditions a certain area, the old-timers are dying, and the new arrivals are not course on the history of the land on which to build anything profits, and broke away from their homeland, no longer remember the true history of places where they were born. And the most brutal that get up progressors, it is undoubtedly a great upheaval. Wars, revolutions, crises, epidemics, etc. In such burning hearths are not just books libraries and archives, but whole nations, and their memory and their history.

4) media. The most effective weapon. It all started with a stray buffoons. Lord quickly learned that satire and criticism, which was contained in the statements of jesters and buffoons, can raise the people's uprising. The method adopted to deal, and that's get Hulivud NUMBER ONE van — the project "William, as his leg, Shakespeare could" (which translated into a language understandable to us, means: yes terrific Beal Spear). And now the whole literary agency scribbling drama and tragedy (read soap opera "wedding ring", "Victoria", "My favorite nurse," etc.), and hundreds of nativity scenes throughout the islands and the west of Europe shows how to speak properly , to move, to dress in what houses to live, something to strive for, to appreciate that someone respected, and whom to hate and destroy as undemocratic regimes that do not know of pluralism and tolerance. And Britt's, Walles's & Scott's (shaved, hairy brutes and) assimilate the rules of conduct, sobbed in the hems of dirty rags and thought: — "Wow! We — that there vozimsya in shit, but real life so she is! "That's our stupid compatriots see in the series are gigantic, the size of a basketball court apartments, chic decor in them, clothes and cars favorite characters are programmed to a particular type of consumer mindset. Until a true story here? If one thing in life, and the screen is quite different?

In general mechanism clear. It remains to answer the main question — why? By the way, this is not the right question. In the Russian language, to reform Lunacharskiy whose first language was Yiddish, Russian, each knew the difference between the questions "why", "why" and the "WHY". These concepts are not interchangeable. Depending on the question asked and the answer was given, respectively. For example:

1st situation.

Q: — Why are you dressed in black?

A: — To match the decor of mourning at a funeral.

2nd situation.

Q: — Why are you dressed in black?

A: — As for the mourning for Yaroslav Vladimirovich.

Third situation.

Q: — Why are you dressed in black?

A: — From what saddened by the untimely loss.

Thus, it is obvious that it is not the same. So why, why, and why we see the use of mankind above the four tactics deprivation of truthful information about the history of mankind?

My answer is this:

What would keep people in ignorance as long as possible, for ease of management. That they should not have guessed that they just throw as rabbits, chickens, or rutabaga. That they fulfill the specified program, and went meekly to feed their masters. What would never know who they really are and from where, what is their true nature and purpose. All this is true for all three questions — why, why, and why. With motives understood, now the main thing. What exactly hide progressors from the man? What — is a very important event, it is likely that by which they were able to seize and hold power. Maybe they got the force as a result of planetary disaster, which staged themselves (echoes of which are flood myths, the Battle of the Titans, Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea)? But after learning the truth about her, mankind will be able to find ways to prevent it in the future, and to escape from slavery, from Tartarus, and once again become the equal of the gods? Let's think, and not to believe!

After what has been said: The night passed, figured what was the Slavic calendar year, if Jesus was really born in 1492. Incredibly, this round date — 7000 years from the creation of the world! And this year is considered the official date of the discovery of America! Coincidence? No, the Democrats guys! I do not believe in coincidences of this order!

AUTHOR: kadykchanskiy

Were confirmed in the book about Genghis Khan, there is a line's Eastern and Western calendars, there's a snake year 1220, and by the logic of all, the snake must be even,
and this year, we see that the year of the snake 2013, it is odd, and so, if we add to the year 1220 by 66 cycles of 12 years, or 792 years, then in 2012, and we have already 2013 is coming, but still the same snake …

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