Very strange kids




They are called the children of light, God's blessing, the new messiah. However, the parents of the "Kinder" is not very fond of their children unusual …

In the late 70's — early 80's born children were born, it is not like the other girls and boys. And this their strangeness manifested in the first few months of life. The older they become, the more strength and stubbornness changed their pattern of behavior compared to "normal" peers.

For the first time this problem became engaged psychologist Lee Carroll. He argued that these children have an aura of dark blue, indigo color, not this what happens in normal children.

In his early childhood indigo children tell people that in this world, they have an extremely important mission. All these kids are practically assured of the highest calling, and quite often "ache" delusions of grandeur.

Poor parents, on whose head fell as a challenge — to raise a child, indigo, have no idea what to do with these children, so hurry to psychologists. Those usually diagnose — hyperactive syndrome (attention deficit) — and sent back home — to be treated.

They even thought can not imagine that these children — extremely gifted beings with a completely different program on the planet. On intellectual abilities and knowledge of the world, indigo children left far behind their own parents and the more peers.

As researchers found engaged in research, "blue" of children, in recent years this phenomenon has become much more common. And in the future, 90% of the reviewed all births are exactly indigo.

In the book, Lee Carroll describes in detail the different types of indigo children. The first type — humanists are able in the future to become famous in the field of medicine, science or politics. Perhaps some of these scientists indigo opens the secret of eternal life. Or bring mankind to Armageddon, which is also not excluded.

The second type is more common than the others. This is the so-called conceptualist who are likely to manifest themselves as architects or military. Of these people turn out great pilots and travelers who will not be difficult to find Atlantis.

Indigo children of the third type — the artists are still rare: it is very difficult to survive in the current context of global modernization. Such a "violet" artists have been born in the Middle Ages and there to create their masterpieces.

Well, the fourth type of children of the future — those that live in all dimensions. These know everything about everything. As early as infancy, taught, their parents, and everyone is always trying to do it yourself. Of these know-alls grow prominent individuals. If Jesus Christ was born today, he would be just such a man-indigo.

However, along with the talents of Nature has endowed indigo children and some disadvantages. In appendage, so to speak. For example, these children have a fragile psyche. At one point, they can have fun and be mobile, and a minute later apathetic and without any mood to sit in the corner and think about something else.

Because of wrong-doing indigo children can easily turn into a child-killers. And this has happened many times. In the U.S., where the education system, "lame", as nowhere else in the world, there were several occasions when the indigo children killed by their parents or peers.

In pursuit of their ultimate goal, indigo, do not stop at nothing. They have no authority, no idols nor graven. In addition, statistics show that suicide among the last ten years more and more common, "violet" children.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that the indigo children too much internal energy that there is no place to accommodate. After all, implement all the ideas that swarm in their heads, sometimes just not possible. After all, they are the children of the future, which is still, apparently, do not do it …

Alena Kotova


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