View of the new T-90C

The appearance of the new T-90C

Refreshed combat machine Russian army will be brought to the attention of professionals in international arms exhibition to be held in the town of Nizhny Tagil from 8 to 11 September 2011. Specialists have said that the appearance on the Russian arms show the modernized tank T-90C produce a strong memory not only for Russian professionals, and to the delegation of foreign countries. While the T-90 itself has never been demonstrated, and all the details of its new features are a closely guarded secret, but something about a brand new tank is clear. Posmotert photos and videos can be here: Upgraded T-90S "Tagil" in all its beauty

This is a truly modern machine, which meets the basic requirements of fighting in a variety of criteria. Tank weight by a few in comparison with previous modifications, and now weighs exactly 48 tons. It would seem that such a mass is able to do this extremely complex armored inert, but the performance characteristics of the test they say about working. Since the speed of the tank on rovnenky surface is about 60 km / h Although this is lower than the speed of German "Leopard" (2A6) and South American M1A2SER, but the level of pressure per unit area at the Russian design is 10% lower than zabugornyh analogues. Together with those specific power T-90, despite the nearly 15 tons of differences zabugornom rivals, no less than the power density of the same M1A2SER and is 24 "horses" for 1 ton.

The appearance of the new T-90C

It should be noted that the electric "filling" of the modernized Russian tanks and will be no worse than what or even outperform the main technical characteristics zabugornye options. The T-90S arranged so referred to as a panoramic sight, which thanks to the rear view camera, allows you to monitor the situation around the tank and direct instrument for the purpose of even faster zabugornyh counterparts. If we talk about the cannon, this 125-mm gun 2A46M-5, operating in the 40-round ammunition, of which 22 are ready to charge for a particular purpose. Thanks to the brilliant cover the trunk of his life increased by 70%. This is the real success of the developers, because when saturated conduct of fire tanks of past generations could lose combat capability due to the dysfunction of the gun.

Despite the seemingly impressive properties, and critics are of the tank. With all this criticism is often limited to what they say about the people of the low efficiency of the tank in the criteria of modern warfare. But representatives of the company, the developer has at the moment they say that none of the anti-tank guided missiles can not destroy the T-90. This ensures the reliability of the tank modernized system of protection against. Innovative approaches to the solution of the engineering tasks have allowed the tank to receive as part of a special protection modules with ERA tank frontal projections. In addition the machine is armed protection from shrapnel damage the housing choices on the basis of resistance to mechanical stress durable screens. Body armor lateral projections of the T-90S allows the crew machines do not feel vulnerable, even if tank is under the lateral impact of the enemy.

Machine run by 3 people, two of which (the gunner and the commander of the crew) are in the tower compartment of the tank. The crew may participate in the development of tactical plans, specifically in the criteria of combat contact with the enemy, carrying out communication on a special digital channel with the management of the operation. Also, the T-90S tanks to equip the system vnutriobektnyh conduct negotiations on the basis of spectrum allocation.

In the tank immediately used two navigation systems: satellite and inertial. Such an arrangement will allow the crew to track down the location of his car even in the criteria setting with disabilities channels of communication. Recent military conflicts with the role of American tanks with Taliban forces in Afghanistan have shown that even a GPS-navigation is not always effective, but the inertial system will in this case, the real help.

I would like to believe that the upgraded Russian tank is soon to be in service of our army without disruption of contracts and other negative phenomena. After all, in the near future is increasingly the trend, when the newcomer military equipment as it is available and "defense", but the Ministry of Defence delays with the adoption of positive solutions for its purchase.

Expected attendance at the Nizhny Tagil exhibition of Vladimir Putin needs to push the parties to a contract likely is closely cooperate with the real fruits of cooperation.

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