Author: Mila Serov

Success story

Vacuum Borovoj

Diggers Knyazev told about the mansion on Sretenke, basements which literally swarmed with rats. The house was designed to be demolished, so it's perfect for the game. Stylists dressed businessmen in a spetsnaz ammunition — protective camouflage overalls, headsets with night vision devices, handed air rifles with telescopic sights. Each sector had its own fire, so God forbid one another were not included. Hunted every night for a week. From those who want to shoot in the basement was not lights. First rules of the game were: who brought more than trophies — the winner. But in reality, no one wanted to collect the bloody dead rats, and so we decided to keep production in the basement.
The local cops were confused when he saw a group of armed men dressed as commandos, and next to the mansion luxury car, which sat in the elegant lady with a thermos in hand (it was the wife of players who were waiting for their husbands with hot tea). Then he came to himself, sent reinforced outfit and had a showdown: who is where and what is happening at all? Knyazev explained to them that rich people are just playing, they have a bit of a pioneer, "lightning". Cops shrugged their shoulders in bewilderment: "Jackass you some" — they still did not understand: after all were absolutely sober, not hooligans, we can say even benefit the city brought — medics cellars. In any case, the opera went down into the maze, saw hordes of rats and has hunted mountain of corpses and said, "Well, to hell with you, play — and then added: — If you are who will be hurt, we're patrolling nearby, please."

Tin Man

The race on crutches for millionaires

Poor capitalists! What did they not had to endure! They shoved, obkladyvali obscenities, even pennies robbed. One entrepreneur, having been in the shoes of a homeless person, then two days was in shock from the experience. Another confessed Knyazev: "There is a tired chick with two heavy string bags, saw me, stopped in front, put bags on the floor, pulled out of the bag five rubles and gave them to me and said," Son, can you even begin to work? "And so it earnestly, with such a heart told me that I already almost in tears, surprised at her kindness. you know, and I would in fact in her place would not stop and would not give a penny. "
Each player followed by observers from the security services "office of entertainment." Pre-paid "General Sandpit" supervising the poverty of the three stations, so players are not bothered. The danger did not come from the homeless, and the usual pedestrians. People because we have an aggressive, especially after dark. In one case, the President is very large financial company kicked in the face by foot. He was so confused that he did not give the date. He's used to the fact that all of them with the "you" that the closure of the stand at attention in front of him, and members of the government's hand hello. After experiencing a kick financier sat and muttered resentfully: "For what, I in fact nothing wrong with that man did, and he gave me a dirty shoe in the face …" For him, it was the discovery that the world is cruel and ruthless underground.

Boating deputies to the people

Once entered the dispute between MPs and businessmen, who knows better than the common people lived. The owners said, "Yes you as soon as MPs get, so just come off from the people." But the deputies were in response to the vest to tear myself: we are servants of the people, every day we communicate with their constituents. Knyazev bazaar suggested not in vain, and ask the people what he thinks of his servants, and came up with the game in a taxi. After all, people can tell the taxi driver what mom mother never entrust. Rented 15 cars to the checkered board. Made-up of party leaders — mustache glued, eyebrows, beards. And five hours from 12 to 16, they told the driver. Our choices were disappointed they did not expect that most people do not care what is done in the Duma and the government. MPs have been assured that they are on the crest of attention, and people, it turns out, all of their policies on the drum. They relish the antics only thinkers — someone who will pour juice, someone who will call in the face. Then the deputies of the State Duma of the Moscow City Duma told his friends about the game, and that, too, wanted to join the masses. Moscow deputies appealed to the Knyazev asking: "Could you and we hold training?" I could, but they did not have enough money to hire a taxi.


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