Visions of George Washington

The first days of the revolution in America were quite anxious to General George Washington. Once, on a winter day in 1777 in Pennsylvania, in the Valley — Forge, General compiled a dispatch.

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Suddenly he felt that close to him is a kind of "beautiful creature." The invisible voice said, "Son of the Republic, to behold and learn!" — And at the same moment in front of his eyes appeared continents. Unknown substance was sprayed water from the ocean over Europe and the United States, resulting in between them there was a cloud, having moved to the west and to obscure the Americas. At the same moment, the moans and cries of Americans shook the air.

In addition, there was another vision — of which extended throughout the Americas. A ghost came out of Africa in order to destroy and destroy the whole country, bringing people of America have to fight each other. Angel, who had a halo with the word "Union", put the flag over the nation is divided, and said, "Remember that you are — brothers."

The third in the vision of George Washington spoke about the armies that came from Asia, Europe and Africa to destroy, and to destroy America. However, the bright light that is comparable with the radiance of thousands of suns, dispelled black cloud covered the earth. At that time the angel sprinkled continent ocean water, the cloud disappeared, dissolved, and has spread across America many cities. Before disappearing, the spirit of Washington said: "Even if the countries of the world unite, they can not defeat the republic."

By — apparently, these visions were talking about the outbreak of the revolution, civil war, conflict and the use of nuclear weapons. About visions of Washington told Brad Wesley show, having heard the story of Anthony Sherman back in 1859godu.

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