Visual impairment

Visual disturbances (refraction).  Introduction.  Photo from

Eye — Is a complex optical device. The components of its optical system — the cornea, lens, vitreous and aqueous humor front and back of the eye — allow us to clearly distinguish between objects placed both near and far. From the state of these structures and their interactions, and depends refraction — the refractive power of the optical system of the eye relative to the retina.

Refractive Errors — myopia, hyperopia andastigmatism — The most common cause of visual impairment in both children and adults. May precede the development of myopia cyclospasm, or false myopia, often occurs in school children. It is a condition familiar to many: redness, pain and burning sensation in the eyes, blurry picture, emerging after prolonged computer work or reading.

In all cases, the impairment important time to consult an eye specialist. The doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination, establish the cause of the disease and help find corrective glasses. In no case should not be ignored and false myopia. This disease fairly well treated using special equipment and medicines, but if it is run, you can not avoid wearing glasses.

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