Vladimir region outbreak of swine fever


Photo from: Mordoviatv.ru

2.08.11.Vspyshka classical swine fever recorded in private subsidiary piggery in the village Voyutino Melenkovsky Vladimir region, REGNUM correspondent on August 2 in the Regional Office of Rosselkhoznadzor.

The study sample of pathological material from two boars who died on July 18, a positive result for classical swine fever.

In LPH were 30 pigs of different age groups. From the words of the hostess services, disease presumably originated at the end of June this year, the sick animals were symptomatic treatment.

One sow fell in early July this year Livestock pigs of 11 goals have not been vaccinated for the prevention of CSF as chickenpox rickets. The animals are in a closed room, the contents of their bezvygulnoe.

Veterinary Service District designed and carried out to eliminate the source of infection, at the entrance to the settlement round the clock positions of police and veterinary specialists. The threatened area conducted mass vaccination against classical swine fever.


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