Volgograd region to preventive measures against the plague led to protests of farmers


23.04.12.Na last week and Ilovlya Gorodischenskoe areas of a regime of emergency because of the African swine fever. The surrounding villages and Don Panshin veterinarians found carcasses of dead animals infected African swine.

Local authorities have a fundamental decision to destroy the pigs in 1300 local farmers. One of the angry farmers posted online a letter of protest. Cite.

"The destruction of pigs in Ilovlya borough — deprivation PEASANTS LIVELIHOOD! — Writes Roman Bayda from farm Krasnodon Ilovlya district. — PLEASE help stop the chaos and light, creating in Ilovlya district of the Volgograd region!

The authorities in the region to conduct sacking of livestock in connection with the spread of African swine. DNA examination of the infected animal spent over 3 hours! Without warning, invade backyard with police and veterinary teams, waving papers, the questions clearly not the answer!

Head of the district refuses to talk with citizens, in case of disobedience promise to call security forces! Farmers are going to defend and resist the effects of lawlessness even through physical force! "

Source: Regional News


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