Vorobevsky district visited by aliens




In Vorobevsky area on one of the fields discovered a three-meter hole cylindrical shape. Its origin is unknown. Local residents believe that this is track UFOs. Guide the economy does not take it seriously — want to fill a hole and plant the sunflowers on the site.
In Vorobevsky area found traces of aliens. Anyway, so say the residents of the village Beryozovka. In place of a flying saucer landing pilgrims go. Nearly every resident of the village has been here.
Ivan Sukhorukov, a resident of Beryozovka: "How many working here on the farm, this is the first time we have such. And we do not know what kind of phenomenon. UFO, probably arriving. "
Found a hole in the middle of the field in the spring, during the field work. Its depth of 3 meters, the diameter is the same. Pit itself right cylindrical shape. At first, the villagers thought, someone decided to steal the black earth. This version was quickly rejected. First, the land here is bad. Second, near the pit there is no trace of any tractor or machine. In the third, who came into our heads to take the black earth from the middle of the field, if it can be done closer to the edge. So the villagers now suffer in conjecture: whose hands the case.
Alexander Semiryakov, mechanic: "I'm going, I look forward any stripe. Came out, and there is this pit. "
Villagers try to draw some parallels. Those who are older, remember that a few years ago, the village from the ground up in Fountain scored 4 meters. Water poured two months, and then abruptly disappeared. The emergence of a pit Berezovka can not yet explain.
Vladimir Nuykin, a member of the local newspaper: "Maybe there was an underground lake. Water is moved. You never know what may be in the nature. Most likely, the underground void was, so she collapsed. "
Who is the head of the collective farm has decided to fill a hole in the ground and sow sunflower this place. Villagers also opposed. It is said that traces of aliens visit should be left intact.


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