Voronezh attacking midges and mosquitoes. Video


21.05.12.Anomalnaya heat became the cause of a huge number of gnats and mosquitoes. Before going out on the street — complete outfit.

People spend in the garden for a few hours, but also in masks and costumes. Midges attacking villagers even in the midday heat, and at night they are joined by swarms of mosquitoes.

Tatiana Golovitskaya, a resident of Dedovochka: "In the house we leave it. Mazhemsya different these. A home plate, and bubbles, and spirals. All buy, ignite. "
To save livestock — plant fires. Yards and barns filled with acrid smoke. But insects are retreating while. This bird does not stand the onslaught, but in this courtyard for a few days the death of three and twenty-five turkey broilers.
Maria Shabel'skii, resident Seda Dedovochka: "What was — over there, I have three things strangled, two broiler Straseni. I looked like — great have died, and smaller still. "
Cattle on pasture output only after special treatment, or else we must not be. And such a procedure should be performed several times a day. The quality of milk is not affected, according to veterinarians, the composition can be easily removed.
Yuri Maslov, chief veterinarian of the economy: "It's okay. After processing the day will be the evening obmyvka udder, the milk does not get anything. "
In the Voronezh region inhabited three groups of mosquitoes, and they can transfer all the infectious diseases that are transmitted through blood. Unsafe even ordinary city mosquito.
Michael Chubirko, head of Rospotrebnadzor Voronezh region: "It is also a carrier of many infectious diseases, the same tularemia, we have set the example of our city, that he suffers and West Nile fever. So you can not go anywhere, even out of town, even in the suburbs, and the risk of developing West Nile virus is. "
The main measure of prevention — disinfection. Now it is particularly important in children's camps, as soon holidays. Insects will last at least another two weeks, and then slowly subsides.

Roman Kozlov, Alexander Kamynin, Vadim Sagittarius

Source: STRC "Voronezh"

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