Walk in the autumn of Suzdal

Suzdal — one of the many ancient Cities, which was created as a fortress to defend against enemies.
Today it is — city museum under the open sky: 9 square meters. km is about 300 monuments XIII — XIX centuries., including construction of the ancient Kremlin, five monasteries, 30 churches and 14 townspeople bell XVII — XVIII centuries., dozens of homes XVIII — XIX centuries. The town and today there is no industry, and construction, according to the decision of local authorities should not exceed two storeys.
The main point of attraction for tourists in Suzdal — is, of course, Kremlin.

Another point of attraction for tourists — Monastery of Saint Euthymius, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


All of them are included in the State Vladimir-Suzdal Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, and without their visit is a part of tour. Only in St. Euthymius Monastery, working today as a museum operates a dozen exhibitions on a variety of topics. Its territory is restored monument-chapel Dmitry Pozharsky — original monument was dismantled in 1933

The burial place of the national hero in 2009 in the presence of the President of the Russian monument was reopened. Established a cross and a memorial plaque.


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