Weather is contrary to the national calendar

January 29, 2013. Frosty anticyclone has left the territory of Central Russia. In Moscow dramatically warmer, per night temperature increased by 9 degrees. Distribution of warm, moist air from the Atlantic, accompanied by cloudy weather and a little snow.

On Tuesday, the Capital Region will be in an area outside of the front. Weather patterns will remain the same, the warming will continue, but more slowly. During the day it will be cloudy, it may take a little snow, temperature will rise to £ 3 … -5.

On Wednesday predicted almost all the same, just one degree will be even warmer, and intensify the south wind.

Next, more intense heat waves of the Atlantic coast coasting on the Moscow River in the second half of the week. On Thursday, qualify the distribution is complex severe weather in the form of snow, blowing snow, sleet, wet snow and strong winds.

On Friday, February 1, weather stabilized, temperature increases to +2, and come close to the record for the centennial of the day (3.0) recorded in 1914. It is curious that at the end of January? beginning of February is the peak of winter? the coldest time of the year when the average daily temperature reaches the lowest in the annual cycle values (-10).

It is no accident folk calendar says January 31 Afanasyevskaya and February 1? Makary frosts. In particular, in 1956, this time in Moscow Chill reached? 38! Hence the saying: "Athanasius clematis? Take care of the cheeks and nose, "or" Frost will drive to where Makar calves did not drive. " But this year the drive MAKAROVSKAYA calves will not be cold and thaw.

Source: News Gismeteo

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