Weeping Virgin Mary warns




And she says the language of the Bible and the anti-globalization

Melor Sturua

Statue of Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, injured in a shootout between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The nuns of the Order of the daughters of Charity in Bethlehem saw the weeping Virgin Mary. This came after a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians suffered a statue of her that Christ crowning the Church of the Holy Family. View Immaculate nuns shook and her words plunged brides of Christ in horror.

— She told us that the germinating in all countries, as the poisonous seeds, acts of terrorism will destroy the world. No one escapes from them, unless certain conditions are met yet this year — says one of the nuns. — Then the Virgin Mary bless us, cried and disappeared.

Her words plunged the nuns in horror.

The night before this wonderful phenomenon of the daughters of the Order of the chambers were filled with the smell of roses charity. The smell began to spread at the time of evening prayer. The scent of roses filled the chapel to the sound of some musical accompaniment to sound on the high notes and coming from somewhere in the dome. This inexplicable sound radiated heat. Then there was the shining shaft of light, which gradually began to take the shape of the Virgin Mary. Tears streamed down her face as she predicted a doomsday attack and the ability to avoid it. Shaken by the nuns wept, too, after recovering from the initial shock, forcing them to turn to stone. Their hearts were broken, and although sad face of the Immaculate Virgin, filled not only sadness, but also a sense of love.

— Among our sisters from different countries, and each of them had heard the words of the Virgin Mary in their own language. But the content was the same, — said one of the nuns. — About this: "We were on the verge of Yom Kippur, as it was foretold in the book of revelation. If we are destined to be saved, it is only through compassion and heal before it's too late … Terms of salvation are short and simple. But it is necessary to let the world hear them. "

According to the Virgin Mary, apparently familiar with the current political and economic situation in the world, the Antichrist first master the hearts of the poor people, the downtrodden, forgotten by society, and gain power over them. Devoid of sustenance and shelter, these rogue states would agree to sell their souls to "any system that will allow them to engage in the purchase and sale, and will be written into the ranks of the armies of the Antichrist." Next Immaculate Virgin predicted the experimental system of electronic credit card company will cover finance and mighty army of evil. " According to one of the daughters of Bethlehem charity, "Mary told us that the first line of defense against the invasion of Satan must be a rooming house for the homeless and the" soup kitchen "for the hungry. Those who want to join the army of Christ, first need to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. These rank and file soldiers of Christ will be the most important and decisive factor in the victory. "

The message of Our Lady focuses on the suffering of Afghan women who are victims of brutal war and Taliban rule, "which clouded their minds and mutilate their flesh." It was not entirely clear about how to mate with Armageddon suffering of Afghan women, but contained a hint that help will help these poor atonement for our sins, and the establishment of a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

From the words of the Virgin Mary was clear that the Antichrist will be "from the region that produces oil." To the amazement of the nuns, the Virgin was not referring to Saudi Arabia and even modern Babylon — Iraq, and Alaska, Texas, Russia and Central Africa. "Judging by the power of the oil corporations, it is difficult to say what is owned by ordinary people" — lamented Parent Christ. She encouraged the nuns not to use means of transport that require oil and claimed that the truth still in the legs.

Then Mary warned that the "army of the Antichrist will begin to form from immigrants from Eastern Europe and the unfortunate Chinese orphans, for the harsh conditions of life make the instincts of love and compassion inaccessible to children. Therefore, the Antichrist will be defeated only when the happy smiles once again light up the faces of children of the East, who did not know of maternal affection. " Good for you, Mary! Keep it up! And she was holding, "The more orphans will find a loving family, the greater will weaken satanic squads, until they have been completely defeated."

As it should have been in the predictions of the Virgin Mary and the mystery element. She told the nuns that the secret of victory over Satan can be found in American homes for the elderly. The secret is "hidden in the memory 13 forgotten veterans." Without these 13 keys bloodshed Armageddon can fill the earth and make it uninhabitable. So Mary called on people to sympathize with frail older people, even those whose ailments such as Alzheimer's disease, deprived of memory. "The experience of the older generation is more important and interesting modern television show" — pointedly remarked Mary. Therefore, she said, reading at least one hour a day book elderly and listening to their stories, we will not only do good, but also to find a way to salvation and survival — 13 Keys, buried in their memory.

That is the message of the Virgin Mary in the presentation of the nuns of the Order of the daughters of charity, which was in Bethlehem. It does not matter whether or not appeared before their eyes Parent Christ. It is important that they have seen it and heard. What is important is that the statue of the Virgin Mary, and opened its arms to all of us, was turned into a target. It was riddled with shell fragments fired by Israeli tank, which came under fire from the monastery and hospital for pregnant women. When a shell hit the hospital building, its occupants of panic. Recalls sister Elizabeth, who was in the hospital: "The tank was standing right in front of the hospital, and the Palestinians were on the street above it. The exchange of fire lasted for three hours, almost continuously. " Exactly a week after that happened apparition of the Virgin Mary.

…Amazing miracles. But the wisdom of their simple. Mysterious 13 keys, but simple Ten Commandments. Today the world was crucified on the cross of hunger and poverty, on the cross of hatred and intolerance, on the cross of war and terror. Temples and soldiers stormed the moneychangers. First — from the outside, the second — from the inside. But our memory is encoded the greatest miracle of miracles — the crucifixion and resurrection of the provisions in the coffin. Was it or not — is not that important. It is important that people saw it as a nun in Bethlehem have seen the Virgin Mary, riddled with bullets and shrapnel, and speaking the language of the Bible and anti-globalization. You can make fun of her vocabulary, but not on its message-warning. Burning bush only. Everything else can gobble up the fire of war and hatred.

Holy Week 2004.


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