What armless disabled asked Stalin

In the summer of 1944 this man wrote a letter with the request, sending it to Stalin personally. Lower court did not even want to listen to him, answering not from callousness, "and so you did everything you could. Rest." Why do they refuse, you will be able to understand the text of the statement. This man, Hero of Russian Union wrote to Stalin that live morally bad and asked him to assist. What?

A copy of this application stored in the archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, not so long ago, it was declassified and placed. These days are not easy, it seems indescribable — it's amazing.

Moscow, Kremlin,
Comrade Stalin.
Hero of the Russian Union
KGB colonel
Orlovsky Cyril Prokofyevich.


Dear Comrade Stalin!

Allow a couple of minutes to delay your attention for you to express your thoughts, feelings and zeal.

I was born in 1895 in the village. Myshkovichi Kirov district of Mogilev region in middle-class peasant family. Until 1915 he worked and studied on its own agriculture, countryside Myshkovichi. In the 1915-1918 years. he served in the Royal Army as a Combat Engineer Platoon commander. From 1918 to 1925 he worked in the rear of the German occupation, the White Poles and belolitovtsev as commander of the guerrilla and sabotage groups. Just 4 months waged war on the Western front against the White Poles, 2 months — against the forces of General Iudenich and 8 months, he studied at the Moscow infantry commanders course. From 1925 to 1930 year he studied in Moscow in Komvuze peoples of the West. From 1930 to 1936 he worked in the special group of the NKVD on the selection and preparation of sabotage and guerrilla training in case of war. In 1936 he worked on the construction of Moscow — Volga as chief stroyuchastka.

The entire year 1937 was on a business trip to Spain, where he led a war in the rear of the Nazi troops as commander of sabotage and guerrilla groups. In 1939-1940, he worked and studied at the Chkalov Agricultural Institute. In 1941 he was in spetskomandirovke in western China, where the personal request was withdrawn and directed into the deepest rear Germanic invaders as commander of the reconnaissance and sabotage groups.

So Makar, from 1918 to 1943, I was fortunate to 8 years of work in the rear of the enemies of the USSR as commander of the guerrilla and sabotage groups who illegally cross the front line and the municipal boundary is above 70 times the government to do the job, killing hundreds of inveterate enemies of the USSR in war, and in time of peace, for which the Government has rewarded me with 2 Orders of Lenin, the medal "Gold Star" and the Order of the Red Banner. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1918. Party penalties have not.

At night February 17, 1943 human intelligence brought me information that was 17/II-43 on one of the roads on carts Baranovichi region will pass Wilhelm Cuba (Commissioner General of Belarus), Frederick Fence (Commissioner of 3 regions of Belarus), Obergruppenfiihrer Zacharius , 10 officers and their guards 40-50. At this time, I was only 12 fighters armed with a machine gun, seven guns and 3 guns. Of days in the open, on the road to poruha enemy was rather risky, and miss a large fascist vermin was not in my nature, and therefore before dawn I summed own troops in white camouflage robe to the road, put the chain and disguised them in snow pits 20 meters from that road which had to pass an opponent. 12 hours in a snow pits I had to lie down with his comrades, and patiently wait.

At 6:00 pm behind a hill appeared enemy transport, and when the carts came abreast of our chain, on my signal was open our-automatic machine-gun fire. As a result, were killed Frederick Fence, 8 officers, Zacharius and more than 30 guards. My comrades took all the fascist relaxed gun, documents removed from their best odezhku and orderly went to the forest to its base.

On our side, there were no casualties. In this battle, I was seriously wounded and bruised, with the result that I had amputated the right hand on his shoulder, on the left — 4 fingers and a damaged auditory nerve by 50-60%. There, in the woods Baranovichi region, I am physically stronger and in August 1943 the radiogram was summoned to Moscow.

Thanks to the People's Commissar of State Security comrade. Merkulov and the chief of the 4th Department comrade. Sudoplatov real I live very well. Moral — bad.

The party of Lenin and Stalin persistently raised me to work for the benefit of his beloved homeland, my physical defects (loss of hands and deafness) do not allow me to work in his previous work, but the question is whether I gave to the country and the party?

To appease the moral I am deeply convinced that I have a pretty physical strength, experience and knowledge, that still benefit in the peaceful labor.

Go with intelligence and sabotage and guerrilla work I gave the probable time of work on agricultural literature. From 1930 to 1936, by the nature of their own basic work every day in the collective farms visited Belarus, thoroughly looked closer to this case and loved it. His stay in Chkalov Agricultural Institute, Moscow also selhozvystavku I used in getting to the bottom of such knowledge, which can provide the company with an exemplary farm.

If the Government of the Soviet Union eased loan of 2,175 thousand rubles otovarennom terms and 125 thousand rubles in currency terms, then I would be in my home, in the village of Myshkovichi Kirov district of Mogilev region, the farm "Reddish guerrillas" to be headed for 1950 following characteristics:

1. From 100 cattle fodder (in 1950) I can not get milk yield less than 8 thousand kg per forage cow, immediately able each year to increase the live weight of dairy breeding farms, refine the appearance, also increase the% fat milk.

2. Sow not less than 70 hectares of flax, and in 1950 received less than 20 quintals of flax fiber per hectare.

3. Sow 160 hectares of crops (rye, oats, barley), and in 1950 received less than 60 quintals per hectare, provided that even in June — July this year, there will be no 1st rain. If the rains will pass, the fee will not be 60 and 70-80 quintals per hectare.

4. Kolkhoz forces in 1950 will be planted on 100 hectares of orchard in all agro-technical rules that are developed Agrotechnical science.

5. By 1948, on the farm area will be organized 3 snegozaderzhatelnye band, which will be planted more than 30,000 ornamental trees.

6. By 1950, more than 100 families will pcheloferma.

7. Prior to 1950 will be constructed:
1) a small shed for the M-P farm N 1 — 810 square meters. m;
2) a small shed for the M-P farm N 2 — 810 square meters. m;
3) shed for skotomolodnyaka N 1 — 620 square meters. m;
4) a small shed for skotomolodnyaka N 2 — 620 square meters. m;
5) barn, stables for 40 horses — 800 square meters. m;
6) granary of 950 tons;
7) shed for storage of agricultural machinery, tools and fertilizers — 950 square meters. m;
8) Power Plant, with its mill and a sawmill — 300 square meters. m;
9) mechanical and carpentry workshops — 320 square meters. m;
10), garage for 7 cars;
11) benzohranilische 100 tons of fuel and lubricant;
12) Bakery — 75 square meters. m;
13) room — 98 square meters. m;
14) club with radio installation for 400 person-places;
15) house for kindergarten — 180 square meters. m;
16) barn for storage and sheaves of grass, chaff — 750 square meters. m;
17) barn N 2 — 750 square meters. m;
18) for the storage of root crops — 180 square meters. m;
19) storage roots of N 2 — 180 square meters. m;
20) silos with brick veneer walls and bottom of the silo with a
capacity of 450 cubic meters;
21) storage for wintering bees — 130 square meters. m;
22) the forces of collective farmers and collective farmers at the expense of the village will be built on 200 apartments, each will consist of 2 rooms, kitchen, dressing room and a small barn for livestock and poultry farmer.
23) artesian wells — 6.

I have to announce that the gross farm income "Reddish partisan" in 1940 amounted to 167 thousand rubles. According to my calculation, the same farm in 1950 may reach gross income of more than 3 million.

Go with organizational chore I can find the time and leisure to raise such an ideological and political level of its own members of the collective farm, which will allow to make a strong party and Komsomol organizations in the collective farm of more politically literate, cultural and loyal party people.

Before you write to that statement and take on these responsibilities, I have a lot of time thinking over thoroughly, carefully weighing every step, every detail of this work, came to the deepest conviction that I will perform the above work for the glory of our beloved country and it is farm management to be indicative of the collective farmers Belarus. Therefore, I ask for your guidance on sending me the job and giving me credit if asked.

If this statement have any questions, please call me for clarification.


Description of the kolkhoz "Red Partisan" Kirov district of Mogilev region.
Topographic map with the designation of the seat of the farm.
Estimates otovarennogo loan.

Hero of the Russian Union State Security Lieutenant Colonel Orlov.
July 6, 1944
Moscow, Frunze Embankment
house number 10 a, m. 46, tel. G-6-60-46.

Stalin gave orders to grant the request Kirill Orlov — he is perfectly aware of it, since he was the same. He surrendered to the state it has received an apartment in Moscow and moved to the destroyed to its foundations Belarusian village. Cyril Prokofievich fulfilled its obligations — his farm "Dawn" was the first farm in the USSR, received after the war, millions of profit. After 10 years, the President has been clear throughout Belarus, and then the Soviet Union.

In 1958, Cyril Prokofievich Orlovsky was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, the Order of Lenin. For military and labor awards awarded five Orders of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner, and many medals. He was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR third to seventh convocation.
In 1956-61 he was a candidate member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. "Twice cavalier" Kirill Orlov — Chairman of the layout in the eponymous movie. On it is written a few books: "Rebellious Heart," "The Tale of the Cyril Orel" and others.

And there began kolkhoz with the fact that almost all the farmers lived in mud huts.

Witnesses outline as follows: "Bins in the courts of the collective farmers were bursting with goodness. Rebuilt the village, paved the way to the regional center and the village street, built a club, a ten-year school. Not enough money — the book took off all his savings — 200 thousand — and invested in the school. Paid scholarships to students preparing reserve personnel. "

This statement marked "Top Secret" (such was the status of the applicant), the writing just a day or three after Minsk was liberated and not created in order to be ever placed, ignorant of the man who wrote it, the country and the era of more than whole volumes of books. It is strong and reads a lot of our time, although it was not entirely intended.

Immediately it becomes clear what People built the Soviet Union — about such as Orlovsky. This does not appear to question whom Stalin relied in the construction of the country — particularly here at such and such people, he gave all the power to manifest themselves. Outcome beheld the whole world — USSR, twice risen almost from ashes, Victory, Space and much more, where the 1st would only be enough to become famous in the history of the country. Also, it is clear what type of people worked in the Cheka and the NKVD.

If anyone did not realize from the text of the statement, emphasize Kirill Orlov — security officer, Professor saboteur, "liquidator", in other words, specifically "the NKVD shny executioner" in the truest sense of the word as uttered would still love trump psevdoblatnoy vocabulary assholes — "camp vertuhay "(not understanding the meaning of the word and to whom it belonged.) Yes, exactly so — year (1936), before volunteering to go to Spain, Cyril Prokofievich Orlovsky was head of the site for the construction of the Gulag system of the Moscow-Volga Canal.

Yes, exactly so — often nachlagi and security officers have been here about these people, though, of course, people everywhere come across any. If anyone remembers — the majestic teacher Makarenko also worked in the Gulag system — was the chief of the colony, and later — the deputy head of a "children's gulag" of Ukraine.

It's clear that at that time were "destroyed all the best people," "all thinking people." Because built and defended the country only scored slaves. Like Kirill Orlov. That's why it could not control the combined forces of continental Europe under the control of Adolf Hitler.
Naturally, all as one, then there were "passive grayish slaves" during the "command economy", where almost every nail was strictly regulated from the center. How about that the last 20 years, we explain every day in the tele. Only it is not clear how this farm was built on the plan drawn up by the chairman as specially studied under his order spices — agronomists, livestock, etc.?

But all at once it becomes clear what kind of people to take responsibility, and not on the order, and themselves personally — and lifted the country out of the ruins in unprecedented terms. Well, obviously, only a personal owner can be effective, "private initiative", "pursuit of profit" and "market economy capable of creating great" and stuff like that.

Not in vain the names of Stalin's managers called the town, the streets and factories.

True, "ineffective totalitarianism" of forces and means enough and of strongest army in the world, able to withstand the combined forces of the "golden billion" and for all to the best education in the world, and to free universal health care and a brilliant science and space, and a decent life for all, not for the elite, and kindergartens, and at camp, and a free sport for everyone, and even to support the system of socialism and communist parties around the world, as in almost everything else.

Well, about the monkeys, stating that "the Soviet people accomplished feats at gunpoint detachments" — even to mention, probably not worth it.
It's clear that Kirill Orlov and his party "Falcons", as well as everyone else, SO waged war for years, surrounded by enemies just out of fear. What could be more motivation?

And here is what the motives of the people: "I live material is very excellent. Moral — bad. "

A poorly on him, that he can not give, and not to pull for themselves and consume.

Insignificance in principle can not understand the motives of the people. That man, having in hand the funds can give them to the school, the fact that you can not steal, that that man can volunteer to go to destruction — all this is just beyond their comprehension.

Just imagine for himself: a person is disabled, the first group — without both hands, which is virtually impossible without the help of others to serve themselves, almost deaf, Hero, who by all conceivable laws and concepts qualified for the wealthy permanent vacation, said that he
did not can live as well as in a state of work for more people. But do not teach, for example, in the school of the NKVD, and once again make it impracticable to the limit of human powers — the Soviet Union to build the best farm burned to the ground in the village, populated mostly widows, the elderly, the disabled and children.
As one of our comrade said that in comparison with such a person, all "effective management", "guarantee", "bright people", "creator", etc. Taken together — less than a pile of manure worms and maggots crawling in a pile of shit. Other comparisons pick comes out.

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