What is not written in textbooks about the Russian-Japanese war

February 8, 1904 Japanese Navy stormed the Russian fleet at Port Arthur, launched Russian-Japanese War. It was a great dress rehearsal for the "big war". The textbooks write that our homeland was at war against the land of the rising sun, but it's not the whole truth, for Japan were the interests of Britain and the United States. It was the "Big Game", where Japan played the role of instigator, not more.

The purpose of the rehearsal:

— check the status of Russian Empire,

— promising to kick Russia out of the Asia-Pacific region,

— forever embroil probable allies, Russia and Japan.

Before the war

Russian Empire gained access to a warm, ice-free seas, received the naval base at Port Arthur, filled-CEL. Our home became one of the leading forces in a very fundamental Asia-Pacific region. She was only just need to find the "key" to the land of the rising sun and bring her energy against the West. Fortunately, the people of the country of the rising sun is not forgotten, as the South American squadron Perry "opened" them in 1853.

The alliance with Russia would be very beneficial to the Land of the Rising Sun, we still did not have blood in the past, our native land could not support the expansion of the Land of the Rising Sun, its technology and resources, freeing it from the process according to the states of the West. It was necessary to delimit the scope of that influence in Korea and China.

Bezobrazov clique

BEZOBRAZOV was state secretary of Emperor Nicholas, are grouped around him a group of people — Admiral Abaza, a retired colonel Vonlyarlyarsky, "Buddhist" Prince Ukhtomsky, entrepreneur Ginsburg. Through the majestic Prince Alexander Mikhailovich BEZOBRAZOV able to reach a ruler and put the "great plan" economic "development" of Korea. Allegedly, the Japanese will not allow, but do make personal stock, which with the support of the country will begin to develop coal mines and forests in Korea, so evenly — an economic way want to oust the Japanese from Korea. But such acts were contrary to the treaty with Japan in 1898.

It did not go into this adventure and without the "long arm" of the West behind the scenes, the impact made by a French agent banker State Committee. It means the bank kept the members of the royal family, and the money went to the shares of companies Bezobrazoff.

Western interests

England very dreaded strengthen Russia's position in Asia. After all, she considered her his "fiefdom", there was "the pearl" of her crown — India. Brits fear, thought that if only the Russian Federation and to desire to bring to India a few savvy officers, as there is a terrible ignite a fire that will bring down the rule of Great Britain in Asia.

Because it was necessary to push Japan and Russia, in one fell swoop solving two problems: suspend Russia and turn the expansion of the Land of the Rising Sun to the North — Korea, North China, light brown Primorje, distracting her from unsafe for the UK the south, where were her base — Hong Kong, Singapore , Australia.

USA supported the "game" of the UK, they also began to struggle for dominance Pacific, 1898-1899 gg. Spain recaptured the Philippine Islands, Hawaii captured. They were not needed in the face of strong competitors of the Russian Federation and the Land of the Rising Sun.

France, was formally an ally of Russian Empire, but the French wanted to make our home more interested in European affairs, not far Asia. Fearing that Russia will go to Asia and France will throw one on one with Germany. Because the French political elite was not very durable to Russia vyshybli zone of the Pacific Ocean.

Germany, too late to "carve-up of the pie," and was not averse to make our homeland grappled with Japan, that Germany had been "free hand" in Europe.

So Makarov, the Russian Federation has no allies, except for its army and navy.

On the necessity of repression

One of the circumstances that led, to the Russian empire was so sad consequences of the weak-willed and decisive ruler — Nicholas. Replaced in order to prevent the steel hand before and during the war, all sorts of shenanigans "businessmen", cases of treachery and cowardice in the military, he chose to dismiss it, And when cases of this kind, received considerable attention, the offenders actually otvertelis slight shock.

Here are a few examples of nasty wiggling and betrayal of the motherland:

— Ginzburg won the right supply of the Russian Pacific fleet coal, he buys coal properties of the lowest in the land of the rising sun, and supplies them to the Russian navy, just making money, worsening the driving characteristics of the Russian ships and supporting Japan Russian agents.

— Story of Port Arthur instructed the Chinese Tifontayu who received high cement from Russia, sold his people of the country of the rising sun, in the land of the rising sun was taking low-quality cement, ultimately similar frauds, strengthening of Port Arthur had not been completed by the beginning of the war.

— Already during the war, troops dopoluchaet shells, maps, uniforms, there was no form of color "khaki", the soldiers themselves had it painted. Behind flourished theft — stealing boots and food. And none of the 1st quartermaster for the war was not shot!

— Was pardoned Admiral Nebogatov who passed without a battle group of ships during the battle of Tsushima. Do not hang the commandant of Port Arthur Stoessel, with the surrender of the fortress, though it could still stand, chaining capabilities of the enemy. Do not punish the governor of the Far East, "Admiral" Alexeyev.

These examples show how it is necessary demonstration hanging, to strengthen discipline and morale, another language like nedolyudki not accept.

West against Russia

Britain and the U.S. have done everything possible and impracticable to push Russia and Japan. Supporting Japan on a diplomatic front, Britain concluded in 1902 with Japan defense alliance against Russia.

Tokyo States issued huge loans on the rearmament of the army and navy. In fact, the entire fleet of armored Land of the Rising Sun was built at the shipyards of the UK, the UK and the U.S. shipyards built cruisers and destroyers. Japanese army taught German, South American instructor.

What is curious financed Japan the same banks that are supported by means of the "Russian" revolutionaries — the bank "Kuhn, Leeb & Co." (Schiff) associated with the Warburg and the Rothschilds have been involved in the financing of the Japanese and the Rockefellers, the Morgans.

But, land of the rising sun of this "aid" utility was not much money went back to the West — for the purchase of tools, things were spoiled with Russia, Japan suffered a huge loss in men, not having received virtually no territory. Kuril Islands, Sakhalin and the floor of Port Arthur — it's not something to count on the Japanese government, despite the fact that the end of the war, Tokyo was zero.

But the West want to get:

— Our homeland after the war to get better money, took a big sweat in times of credit 2.5 billion. gold francs. Russia completely tied to France, and through it to the UK, which led to Russia's role in the war with Germany as "cannon fodder" in London.

— Our homeland has lost its position in the Pacific, died Pacific Fleet, given Port Arthur.

— Weakened Russia's position in Asia, the United Kingdom in 1904, captures Tibet.

— Japan got into debt and became dependent on the West.

— Third on the strength of the world fleet had died (aft
er the UK and France), which further strengthened the position of England as the "ruler of the sea."

— Created an opportunity to push Japan and Russia once again, Japan has been transferred to the line Sakhalin-Kuril Islands-North Korea-China. It increased his power, strength in these regions, which forced Russia, early, late silt back to the dilemma — which was later brilliantly decided to Stalin.

Loss of victory

Despite the sabotage, treason and a series of heavy defeats (the death of Admiral Makarov, Tsushima tragedy, surrender of Port Arthur), the Russian army was not defeated, curiously, in contrast to the summer of 1905 only came into full force. Our homeland finally launched the second line of the Trans-Siberian Railway, troops, ammunition broad stream went to the East, has focused almost million-strong army. The army was ready to attack. Kuropatkina plan worked, the Japanese army was exhausted and could no longer attack, its communication stretched. If the Russian army began a large coming, Japan received, the risk of loss of land forces, and had to sue for peace. And Japan was zero, while the Russian Empire had cash reserves to continue the war (gold in store).

But seeing that Japan is on the verge of defeat, the West as the United States, has offered mediation in the peace talks. Nicholas went on their own, August 23 (September 5) 1905 Witte signed in the South American town of Portsmouth peace treaty.

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