What was the Chelyabinsk meteorite? UFO, missile, or space object?

While official information sources feeding the people with all sorts of tall tales, with staff, irrelevant, people who can think clearly and do not have reason to hide their assumptions, trying to sort through the events that took place yesterday, February 15, 2013 in Chelyabinsk region, when an unknown object exploded in the sky, split apart and scattered on the territory of the Urals, bringing with it a lot of destruction and blood.
So let's try to understand, What was actually Chelyabinsk meteorite: a celestial body, exploding missile or UFO?

When looking through the video captured eye-witnesses, and then read the official statements, there is an irresistible resonance between what you see and what you are trying to present as the only true opinion.

Let's start with the fact that the very appearance of a meteorite, and suddenly out of nowhere at the time, as all astronomical crawl space station for tracking expected the approach of asteroid 2012 DA14 is in serious question. -How did it happen that astronomers have counted all the asteroids are more or less rampant in the solar system and even carded their flight path for hundreds of years — did not notice the cosmic body diameter of 15 meters and a weight of 7,000 tons.

It turns out that all terrestrial astronomy tracked one thousand three hundred eighty-one potentially dangerous asteroid, but no one really noticed, and not potentially dangerous?

The one that blew up on February 15 with a capacity of 300-500 kilotons of TNT, or, as more than 20 nuclear bombs together, after which shattered windows within a radius of tens of kilometers, resulting in the injury of more than 1,200 people, more than 3,000 buildings and caused material loss of more than a billion rubles, and that given the fact that the body exploded at an altitude of 20-25 km, and if a little lower? If lower, of Chelyabinsk today would have composed the sad songs …

What is needed 20,000 soldiers and 8 units of air transport combed the area in search of the usual places fall of a meteorite? According to those same scientists, meteors fall day, though not as "loud" but nobody sends their search for 20,000 soldiers of the regular army, the police and emergency workers. Why such honors had it that?

Even yesterday, the Interior Ministry and the Emergencies Ministry reported about the fact that 3 of the crash site found "fragments of the meteorite", two on the ground and one in the lake at the Chebarkul. Earthly two craters did not deign to show, with the exception of the misinformation passed on the first channel of the crater where the given "Gates of Hell" burning in Turkmenistan for decades. Lake "crater" decided to show, apparently because of its less work to cook up. Chainsaw cut through a hole diameter of 8×8 meters in the ice and everyone — is ready to crater.

Although there may indeed something fell, but not a meteorite fragment at an angle of 45 degrees. According to witnesses — fishermen, who allegedly told about the fall of a meteorite in the lake, the object exploded in the air, and is divided into 7 parts, one of which fell into the lake and formed a perfectly round hole in the ice.

At the same place at once-profit professionals who are there to be something with a bit of urgency and there is no reason. Together with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived at the scene ecologists and MOE. According to them, the background radiation in the area is normal. Formed around the hole in the ice were found fragments of solid size from 0.5 to 1 cm truth today "particles" is not reported, probably evaporated.

The truth came around today and officially announced that they say — nothing on the bottom and did not find any water samples showed no impurities. Sorry citizens — Oshibochka out. And, in fact, the same yesterday, they claimed that wormwood will examine military divers (they are probably the most important experts in search of meteorites).

And from the other two places where the official statements were allegedly found two craters today — were quick to deny. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Tufts, made a statement that while the experts are studying the possible location of a meteorite, but the fragments of the celestial body has not been found. Under the expert presumably meant the 20 thousandth of a crowd of conscripts. Wormwood in Chebarkul by the way, found the first tank crews involved in the search for the "craters".

It should also be noted, the extraordinary hype around this meteorite. Tens of thousands of soldiers, the Emergency Situations Ministry, the military strengthening the protection of critical facilities, cordoning off places alleged falling debris, searching for a ban on these sites to the local population. Intimidation announcement that the wreckage "meteorite" you can not even touch, they are probably poisonous.

Do not stand aside and Roscosmos, who reported that a meteorite crashed in the Urals does not threaten the biosphere of the planet. "The probability of something alien invasion of Earth is minimal," — said the representative of the department, Yuri Makarov. His position, he argued that in the fall of a meteorite warmed to a high temperature, resulting in its sterilization has occurred. That is a threat although minimal, but not completely absent. Think of citizens that want to, and the citizens are watching video and witnesses think that there bahnul more like a rocket, or at worst a UFO, that would be quite explain all this fuss abnormally active military and government representatives around the whole of the incident.

The only one who did not blow in the official tune it — RosHydromet, who, reporting on events in the Urals, has used the phrase "UFO", "from 07:00 to 08:00 MSK observed a luminous plume of flight of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) with part of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. At 07:15 MSK February 15 over the airfield of Chelyabinsk had multiple air explosions, accompanied by a sharp chemical smell. "

Accent your attention to the statement — "A sharp chemical smell." At the time of occurrence of the loop, many of his watching decided that the plane falls. We decided because it is very looked like train leaves the object in the contrails engines.

After the official announcement that it was supposedly "meteor", the population in doubt. Very much at odds that they saw that they were to inspire. Some have suggested that even if it was a meteorite, then he was hit by anti-aircraft system, and therefore was a blast and debris.

Others have suggested that it was a missile — "From the meteorite is such a trace, it is scattered in three to five minutes, and this is one and a half hours hanging, — said the expert from areas close to the Air Force. — Long track — it's burning up gas, or fuel that propels the missile. Once it is visible throughout the area, it was strategic attack, possibly sea. Missile shot down, so there was a flash in the sky. "

A more meaningful question, published in his article "A board room which was at the meteorite?" — Yulia Latynina. It should be noted that this article today on the website of "Novaya Gazeta" has not, it promptly removed from the site publication. Knowing obstinacy Julia, we can assume that the "competent comrades" and explained to her publisher that such issues should not be asking, but even more so to publish them.

Her questions I will give in full:

"I'm not rocket scientist. I am a linguist. So, like a linguist, I have a few questions for missilemen (and defense minister) at the meteorite near Chebarkul "- wrote yesterday in a newspaper column for the publication of the famous journalist Yulia Latynina.

"The first question is: why meteor flying in the direction of the landfill to the Elan Chebarkulsko polygon?

The second question is: Why not if he was flying parallel to the ground, then a path that looks more like a rocket trajectory than a meteorite?

The third question is: why the meteorite left a tail, similar to the tail of the rocket fuel?

Question Four: Why meteorite explosion was similar to self destruct in the abnormal situation created when you run?

Fifth question: Why is involved in the search for the meteorite is a fantastic number of servicemen? 8 aircraft, 20 thousand cops and soldiers, thousands of pieces of equipment? (The funnel, for example, found the tankers.) Afraid that someone will find on a piece of meteorite board room? '.

In the news, there were reports that the trace of the meteorite photographed the European Meteosat satellite with an instrument SEVIRI. Alas, the picture clearly shows that the satellite photographed the trail of a meteorite in the atmosphere. In space, he took a picture of it for some reason did not.

"Our military is understandable. There are several hundred (approx. was much larger bill has already gone in the second thousand) affected. If the missile, They have been megaton claims. Not to mention the fact that everyone will scratch their teeth on the Russian brothel "- summarized newspaper. Today, this article is not. As explained in the editorial office, this was done at the request of the author …

That's all — read, watch video removed witnesses, analyze and draw conclusions. I use the term UFO as a concept — Unidentified Flying Object, but when you consider the fuss Roskosmos and the military, it can be assumed that this object may turn out to be of extraterrestrial origin.

I did not say, and putting forward a hypothesis based on a set of questions to which there are no official answers, and they hardly appear …

Source: http://earth-chronicles.ru/


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