WHAT WILL BE THE FIGHTER six generations? INSPECT fifth-generation fighter in WAR

 WHAT WILL BE THE FIGHTER six generations? INSPECT fifth-generation fighter in WAR
Not so long ago, the U.S. Navy Air Show presented «a principled version of» fighter generation Boeing Company 6, which immediately caused a vast debate, writes mil.huanqiu.com April 24.
Currently, the 5th generation fighters such as developed in addition to the F-22, F-35 fighter faces a «huge influx of technical problems,» technological demonstrators Russian PAK-FA T-50 and Chinese J-20 (pictured) are still under development and flight testing, other countries are also planning to develop machines fifth generation by far «only on paper».
South American company Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and other aerospace giants get accustomed to the ability of creation fighter 6 generation. Promising to make combat aircraft that would meet the requirements of air and sea war years 2030-2060, as the main technologies considered engines with variable duty cycle, the full range of stealth technology in all the spectra of radio waves, artificial intelligence technology and unmanned aircraft. Our homeland even expressed more limited assumption that the sixth-generation fighter will «grow» right out of the fifth version of its forthcoming as modernization.
It seems that the competitiveness of 6 generation already given start. There are different visions, for example, unmanned fighter capable of operating both in the air and in space, and high-energy laser weapon kitted out, but the current level of technological development tub pours cold water on such enthusiasts.
Remote control unmanned fighter
Unmanned fighter can maneuver with the highest significantly more congestion due to lack of pilots, and may have the smallest footprint than a manned fighter. But busy developing situation in aerial combat, including the need to evade enemy missiles, asks frisky reaction. Computer with artificial intelligence, to play Go, can make billion operations per second, but can not the speed of decision-making to be comparable to the human mind. In addition, control unmanned fighter for a thousand miles inevitably pulls a delay in sending control signals. Say that the speed of the electric wave is the speed of light, what does this delay? In fact sending signals on board actively maneuvering fighter will inevitably come with some delays. Even as the introduction of control database AWACS aircraft will not help remove this dilemma. It is also alleged that the pilot F / A-XX can control multiple UAVs, but the enemy can use strong electrical interference that can break off contact with the drones from the board of control of a fighter.
Speed ​​and height
In developing fighters 2-3 generations posed task to achieve as much as possible the maximum speed, the fourth generation did not raise such tasks, and on the fifth generation of the speed factor was generally recognized as negligible. Yet, the development of the sixth-generation machines factor «speed — height» can be resurrected.
In 2009, the U.S. Air Force initiated the development of turbojet with variable duty cycle, which is entirely possible can give fighter speed 4-5M. At the same time, there are fantastic requirements, so the latest generation fighter should reach near-Earth of cosmic space. United States made several concepts hypersonic vehicles at more than 5M. Reusable unmanned apparatus of cosmic X-37 Orbiter can do the role of cosmic fighter.
But if you see the picture, as of cosmic fighter goes into the atmosphere and affects the air targets is naturally fine, but such use is tantamount to shooting sparrows with anti-aircraft guns. Worse, the ordinary fighters can rake of cosmic opponent at its entry into the atmosphere. For example, using U.S. anti-satellite missile, launched from the F-15 can kill satellites in low Earth orbit.
It is believed that the new fighter could be resettled revolutionary combat systems as a tool of directed energy (lasers) and hypersonic kinetic weapon. For long years, the U.S. Air Force airborne laser experienced ABL aboard Boeing-747, but did not have gained tangible results.
Complexity defeat fighter laser weapon is that its dimensions are relatively small, then it can actively maneuver. Get a narrow laser beam in such a goal is quite problematic, besides beam must affect the goal of more than 12 seconds to cause its destruction. So Makarov, «laser gun» has significant shortcomings.
6 generation fighter must have overstatement of the stealth technology to hide the plane over the entire range of radio waves, also in the optical range. But even the Americans felt that the stealth fighter will be very expensive, and the samples merits invisibility at optical wavelengths will be even more expensive.
In the not to distant future as the development of electric technology «invisibility» stealth aircraft will be more complex and more than thing. For example, the deployment of network mnogoradarnoy showed that this system is capable of detecting stealth aircraft.
Information about what the U.S. Air Force conducted a few years ago computer simulation of air combat F-22 fighters 4th generation F-15 and F-16 (due to 144:0), in real combat this situation can not ever be achieved.
What will be the 6 generation fighter? To answer this question, wait for the moment when fighters 5th generation will hold its own first fight. It was then that the answer will be clear, according to Chinese source.

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