What worried the military?

Over the last week traveled around the Web immediately several statements from various military groups in Ulyanovsk hunger strike in the main tank crews, paratroopers hurt Serdyukov, the military explorers wrote vehement appeal to Putin, they were supported by the astronauts. What connects voedinyzhdy and that distinguishes all these appeals?

First, connect the voedinyzhdy that online community lays down on the military high hopes: hopes that the military will be able to put an end to the lawlessness, creating in the country, unleashed by the ruling top. And the fact that the soldiers, after all — then began to turn to the Supreme Commander — awakening.

But here, there is one fundamental difference. Our army has long not been involved in wars. Not to be confused with the conflicts on the territory of Russia (this is not a war, and guidance about the peace inside the country — well, so called). The war with Georgia is not even considered …

Our troops are used to going to the office, on the job. They were on full contentment in the country. And the main task of all ranks of officers, warrant officers and warrant officers was to get home, progress through the ranks, obtaining Stars. They have long been developed corporate ethics: the subordination of the order (does not matter which one), order from a superior — the law.

And they were deeply in parallel, which in Russia are Dissenters Marches, rallies, protests, all segments of the population, which strengthened the internal forces to disperse people throughout the territory of Russia. The military did not care for it — not their task.

And that troops These are formed from those who conquered in Chechnya.

Those who fought the war in Chechnya is also on the do not care. Their psychology is formed that in Russia there are extremists — enemies, they need to break up and destroy. That is, continue the war with his own people for the salary, not quite bad. The same corporate ethics, koprorativnoe thinking.

A military task — to protect the country against external aggressors. But outside of the aggressor on the horizon is not visible. The government signed a contract with the United States that in the event of unrest in the territory of Russia troops NATO can freely enter and settle the unrest.

In fact, this contract, the Putin government has stated on whole the world that own army it — the government — is needed. But half asleep daily service (work) military just do not see it. They continued to feed, to promote the career ladder, and as a carrot before a donkey, continued to stuff the promise of a decent home.

And the thunder for the military struck in 2008 — the military reform. Serdyukov, right following the instructions of the Government began a systematic destruction of the armed forces RF. In this neatly on combat arms. Tens of thousands of soldiers began to fire at in store. It is natural for the earlier sovsekretno commanders before putting the puzzle: all promise subordinates. Only that there was no rebellion, until they cum. And fathers — the commanders did not disappoint superior managers. Generals calm.

I watched the whole regiments disbanded, combat brigade. Well, that is trustworthy, offers a warm place to … Internal Forces. The bulk of the troops was sent to nowhere. Without the promised housing.

Now come for the next round of reforms — the elimination of the Military — Airborne Troops, "blue berets" — the true pride of our country. And what, I'm sorry proud of? They are silent. and expect …

That began to arrive as the military? They are not finding themselves in a group, they are used to, and one by one, frankly confused and scared. Of course, more advanced steel hang out in the courts, where perfectly sharpened "system" has long learned to resist the claims and complaints of civilian populations.

For decades, the military vdolblenny the Charter does not immediately break the stereotype. The political situation in the country, they just do not understand. From the statement of the Union sailors can see that they are hoping for Ivashov. But he is a member of the party "United Our homeland". And besides subordination Commander in Chief, he bound and party discipline. And what would be the correct word does not read as the generals can say with certainty that every general "at fault" in his time and was so in any other way involved in corrupt dealings, whether selling military equipment to the side, the stock sell-off ships, guns, etc. § And each carefully opened the dossier. So mouths generals have long been closed.

And the military, as the kids began to write complaints Commander in Chief. And he also does not think any who respond — bends the line.

In all of all of this, in the civilian population have also cultivated the image of the army — the defender. Now people across the country is waiting for the same, in the end, the army would stand up for their own people. And soldiers are not going to do anything. In 1-x, no orders. And to give such an order some.

In-2, either caught or falls under the reduction continues with the tenacity of a maniac to think that it was only with him and part of it happened.

Phenomenon: ostvshiesya officers and soldiers continue to expect an attack outside enemy, although not fully realize that the enemy is inside the country. All this is very reminiscent relationship between the two religions-name: Militant Islam, to which all Christians are unclean and must be exterminated or kept in check. And the military are looking at their own people: they say, there is nothing to listen to him, need discipline, obedience. up there know better.

A top really have a plan, surely one of Putin. Chechen rebels given Stavrapolsky edge. Chechens settled around the area RF. In the higher echelons of power in each region in their best positions (administration, police, prosecutors). We lost the war with Chechnya. More specifically, most likely, we just sold. The whole country, coupled with the army.

From the East, our lands given to the development of China — in fact the whole of Siberia. The borders of the country were left without reinforcement.

And, like, having a web of frantic, like Dymovskiy. And he is a child, really. Offered to go over to the taciturn action at the Kremlin on November 12. Who let him go? Internal forces will impose whole Kremlin. And why taciturn? I remember the opposition since 2006 taciturn action suit. Gathered, silent, parted ways. And seen in this action otfotografirovany Division "E" in the following days of such officers came silent type of profile power department and "Ay-yay-yay" — wagged a finger. The bulk of this rather silent types, that is not anywhere else to go. Taciturn share — so, to release steam, breathe the freshest air.

But what I really sad is that in the last 10 years of military brains filtered so that they themselves consider their own people extremists and protests of all kinds consider proplachennymi of America.

Brainwashing — colossal.

What's all the same to the bottom line? Nothing. People all over the RF rallying itself for itself, creating traffic or merging into existing protest movements. And the military is now busy creating military alliance to … In order to keep in touch with colleagues, chat, find out what's up and crying at each other in the vest. Well, invite each other on festive events to get back in the heart the road system, where they are praised, rewarded with something, and utter them what they are remarkable. And later with friends to drink the "bitter", to remember the service and complain about destiny.

So the soldiers are concerned only about their own career
, getting housing, decent pensions and a brand new employment. One by one.

Russian army broken. Bald.

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