Whether all women are witches?


Very often we hear unpleasant to the ear the word "witch", and for some reason most often it involves in everyday conversations nasty nasty word, sometimes even insulting. You can often hear stories of angry men who only talk about their wives' witch 'or' Witch's Curse ", etc.

But if we look at the origins of parapsychology, it is seen that the word "witch" conceals its meaning rather contradictory concepts.

In the sixteenth century English jurist William West formulated a definition in which he said that witches are usually the most ordinary women who have entered into a deal with the devil.

Before the beginning of the fourteenth century in Europe no one officially did not believe in witches, but later he Aquinas — the famous teacher of the church, said that witches do exist. And in the 1260s, soon after the death of Thomas Aquinas, in the history of mankind has begun a public trial of witches, witch-hunts.

But who are witches, and whether or not they exist? Why women witches credited with incredibly bad deeds and actions?

Today, no one can confidently confirm or deny the existence of witches.

The word "witch" has never carried a nothing negative or bad, in fact its origins it has received from a very good word "Veda" which means that a woman simply can comprehend something that many men do not notice or do not even know. And it is true: the nature of a woman's intuition is developed much better than men. And with the help of your intuition woman approaches the depth of knowledge about themselves and the world too. And just because a woman is better developed her intuition — it is much easier to understand the essence of many of the world phenomena, events, and so it is much easier to understand how to conduct themselves in certain situations.

The fact that a woman's soul in itself is magical, many will agree. The woman, in contrast to the male half of the planet, has a close relationship with nature, which is why it is much easier to go to the contact with the forces of the underworld, secret, and understand how to use their power for their own purposes. Moreover, many believe that this ability is almost natural for every woman, and there is nothing supernatural or ultra-hazardous.

It can become dangerous only when a woman begins to use its mysterious innate ability to harm others or with malicious intent.

In the old days, virtually every country woman knew how to deal with magic, and with good magic, which she directed solely in the good direction: to defend their hearth from different damage or the evil eye, to preserve their family or beauty, and so on. With all of this, for some reason none of these women around do not equate to the witches, but the fact of magic attributed except that an integral part of everyday life.

But what has changed since then? Why witches existed in ancient times, and where did they go now?

Nowhere. They are again among us, they are just like us, only with careful study of their fate becomes clear that this is a witch.

Many people are seeing in their environment or someone's brilliant career success, they say that this man has sold his soul to the devil, they say, and forget not knowing how they are sometimes close to the truth.

Actress Natalia Kustinskaya. She was considered the Soviet Brigitte Bardot, her career began so beautifully. It is said that when she was in Bulgaria, came up to her and offered her a gypsy fortune told. Gypsy woman prophesied Kustinskaya the story in the first half of life, love, fame, money, honor, but the second half of his life on earth is supposedly going to pay for this glory, for that love.

Kustinskaya forgot about the fortune-teller on the very next day, and thought about it before he died.

Evil tongues say that it was during this trip to Bulgaria Natalia Kustinskaya visited a local Sorcerers in Gabrovo Irma. Women who practiced black magic, and was the representative semiklonskih generation of witches. According to legend, a word semiklonskih witch enough to the river burst its banks.

Ostensibly it was her, I Irma Kustinskaya received and the love and glory, and beauty, and money.

Black magic — it is a very powerful tool of power and authority in the hands of man. Magic can give everything a man wants. Various love spell, potions and rituals of black magicians are attracted to human wealth, a loved one, but none of these magicians tells his prospective client that for everything in this life you have to pay for everything, especially for a deal with the devil. Black magic may take as a result of the transaction at the human soul, that is, as they say esoteric, after the death of a person will have to work on the dark forces. But that did not stop Kustinskaya.

It is said that after the ritual, spell starts to act very strongly with increasing speed. As it happened, obviously, and with Kustinskaya.

In life Kustinskaya, after meeting with a fortune teller will change to a different — better, at least so it seemed to her then. After the movie "3 +2" she woke up famous, she began to offer the very best roles, her legs were the most famous men and one and all were talking about her bewitching beauty, the drawing power of her eyes. She was married four times, including for the astronaut Egorova, who repulsed no less popular Natalia Fateeva. But when the moment of reckoning, it took away all: her husband are all dead, killed her son, grandson died, and she, having slipped, fell down the stairs and became disabled.

What is this, if someone's not malice, very similar to witchcraft.

Camilla Parker Bowles. This woman has never been a beauty, and fans she did not have, but he loves her Prince Charles.

They met at a polo match, and several months later, Charles was already crazy about this woman with average looks, who managed not only to take a place next to the prince, she still handles this royal person.

There is a very ordinary spell, talking about it all: the esoteric and psychics.

Princess Diana loudly declared its rival, and is said to magicians, she signed his own death warrant. Spells dark witch knocked out the car and Diana died.

Strangely, agree. Not a drop of alcohol in the blood of a driver, a completely new car and … such a terrible accident.

Incredibly, in just a few years the British, who idolized Diana, began to favor Camille, her hand out compliments. What is this if not a mass frenzy of witchcraft.

No one noticed that the day of the wedding of Charles and Camilla was appointed to the solar eclipse, all but the most Camille, who chose that date.

For what a man is willing to sell his immortal soul? In the first place, apparently, in the list of the coveted trophies will be wealth, because human greed is boundless, and this weakness is actively using human evil. Another temptation — it's luck, no matter what, in cases or in gambling, but, anyway, the most ultimate goal still is to enrich.

The human race, and especially women, by their nature, want to get what you want, come what may. Get as soon as possible, at any cost.

But sometimes it is too high a price. Nothing in this life is not a given.

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