White Panna in the Black Castle

Golshanskiy Castle, popularly called the Black Castle, located on the border between Belarus and Litvoyuzhe long been famous for its terrible stories about living there a ghost — White Panne. Some time in the castle was Golshansky branch of the National Museum of the country. One day, after the discovery of the skeleton of the building walls, there was constantly appearing ghost of a woman dressed in white robes. Locals called it the White pannoy.

Most often, the ghost can be seen coming out of the niche the principal's office. White looks panna as a young girl with a completely white hair, which gradually start to get dark, if you long to look at it. Above the girl's head bottled orange glow. By the way, you can visit this castle by car — to Belarus is not far away. However, if you do not have rights, you need a good driving school, completing the course in which you can easily turn in to the right!

Tricks of ghosts usually harmless. For example, can independently turn on and off lights, doors creak. Czeslaw Akulevich, in the past the former director of the museum, claims that his own eyes saw the translucent hand suddenly appeared out of the wall and flipped the switch.

However, it was not without a terrible accident. Once at the castle filming scenes for a Christmas show. Employees television Belarus decided to shoot a scene with the White Pannoy. One of the actresses dressed in the girl ghost and started shooting. Twelve duplicates were successful, but in the thirteenth someone invisible sharply hit actress in the chest so that she fell and was seriously injured.

A local resident told Lesnitsky as White Pannu seen outside the castle. He returned late at night from the guests as the way he had the woman, dressed in a long, snow-white dress. Ghost, as it were hanging over the sidewalk in the air, and instead of his face was black spot. When Lesnitsky approached the White Panne, she beckoned him to his left hand. After realizing who she was, the man fled in terror. It is said that the White Panna is still wandering around the castle and its surroundings, frightening those who see her.

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