Who are the healers? Saints or charlatans




RII "Razor"

There was a time when no one issue of the newspaper "Hand in Hand" does not go by without ads, the author of which were men boldly called themselves masters, teachers, professionals all sorts of Sciences, the academic world, however, is not recorded.

The most modest of them called themselves the masters (remember this is heartbreaking phrase "… Mrs. Mary …"?). Any more or less educated person by reading your tears came to the eyes of pity, really very grammar and style made up of advertising texts were like compassionate plakatiki a series of "I'm sorry that we appeal to you ….".

Surprisingly, this case seems to be profitable, if not now, no, but find ads like these. Although in the past few years, numerous gurus, apparently retrained — if before it was fashionable to predict the future and read the cards, it is now the most popular sorts of healers. However, it is fair to note that the removal of damage remained in the range of services offered.

It's funny that scientists have no way interested in taking place in their backyard miracles. However, manufacturers of miracles very occupied people from science. Most recently, healers interested … psychiatrists. The results of the survey (something around 100 respondents) showed that all participants previously experienced any tragedy, cope with it and have opened up new skills.

A physics since the eighties of the last century dealt with the phenomenon of "healing hands." As usual, there was no miracle. Scientists have found that human skin is very sensitive to changes in heat. Is so sensitive that it is able to capture the deviation by a few tenths of a degree. Next — a trick, accurate physics and physiology.

Anyway, conducted a few years ago, the experiment illustrates the possibilities of Chartered and not very healers, magicians and other fun companions. The essence of it was this: 400 people with extraordinary abilities diagnosed people outside the sheets.

Not only that men find women's diseases, and vice versa. In testing, two patients have replaced the mannequins — so the disease have been found and they have, in fact, a mannequin dressed in a general's uniform was seriously ill woman's disease. As they say, no comment.

Finally, the prize of one million dollars from the fund expects the JREF who really has psychic powers. Is not it revealing that an abundance of gifted psychic abilities of individuals, the premium has not been awarded.


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