Why aliens arrive on Earth

For what purpose extraterrestrial monsters arrive on Earth? Why are they there and they forgot — these issues concern everyone. On this subject we have talked to ufologist Gennady Miktoevym. That's what we told the ufologist.

"Yes, it is a fact — the aliens visiting Earth. Recently dramatically increased their presence. Usually they appear in places of war, natural disasters and natural calamities. During the war in Libya were hundreds of signals about UFO sightings in the Libyan sky, but it was impossible to do anything: UFO subtly, they simply dissolve in the air.

One of the reasons for the appearance of aliens among us, it is our genetic material. The aliens are abducting people, there are thousands of evidence for this. It is obvious that in the human DNA contains something very important for the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Another reason — a gradual colonization of the planet. We were able to establish that some distant planet where there is intelligent life, die and aliens simply looking for a new home. Unfortunately, humanity is not yet able to provide resistance to this invasion, aliens superior to us in their technological development. "

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