Why did the fish in Ust Labinsk area?


29.08.11.V rayonki Saturday issue of August 20, under the heading "Teletype News" reported that the farm pond Atapin Kalinin recorded fish kills.
On the eve of local residents to inform all district supervisors. At the scene, left ecologists, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing inspection and veterinary laboratory.

On the shore and the water's edge, in fact, lying and floating dead fish. In their mind you can easily understand that they died at different times — apparently, it was held in a few days.

Assumptions about the causes of the incident it was a lot — from infectious disease to the impact of weather conditions. Version of chemical pollution rejected immediately — no nearby business entities capable of producing a discharge of harmful substances. According to experts, such phenomena in the late summer — early autumn, when there are abrupt temperature fluctuations are observed almost every year and almost all waters edge. Of the same opinion and fishermen that kind of dead fish does not bother — they like nothing had happened continued to pull out of the pond alive and looking very healthy prey.

Boris lieutenant — a resident of art. Temirgoevskoy but Kalinin travels regularly to sit with spinning on the bank:

— The death of the fish is almost every August, not only in this pond, — says an experienced fisherman. However, usually it was less than it is now, but nothing surprising in this. Weather this year such that in the spring and not carp spawn in the summer was hot again. I think the fish just gasped.

Carefully examined his catch, a leading ichthyologist FSBI Azov and Black Sea fisheries management and conservation of marine biological resources Vitaly Zlygostev found no external signs of any disease was.

To determine the true cause of the incident water samples and multiple instances of dead fish were sent for laboratory tests. The Commission then headed by a senior state inspector Ust-Labinsk inspection of the Azov-Black Sea department of state control and supervision of water and biological resources Tatiana Zlygostevoy determined number of dead fish along the perimeter of the pond. Damage estimated at about 1,300 carp and 120 pieces of silver carp. No one individual carp, grass carp and carp that was stocked pond on the bank found. District of hunters and fishermen were ordered to clean up the area adjacent to the pond area and the remains disposed of in accordance with the sanitary norms and rules.

According to the act of examination carried out in the Ust-Labinsk zonal veterinary laboratory, the bacteriological examination of pathological material delivered aeromonosis agents (a form of rubella) is not selected. Water tests showed elevated ammonia and ammonia nitrogen — degradation products of plant residues, which caused the death of fish. Obviously, because of the high temperature of this natural process accelerated. For the normalization of the fish farmers recommended that liming the pond.

Edition of "CH" is glad to inform its readers that Atapinsky pond — a favorite place of the regional competitions in sport fishing — is safe.

Source: "Rural nov '

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