Why do people who have left Russia, it is still coming back?

Recently, a special correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in New York turned journalist acquaintance, who emigrated to the United States a quarter-century ago. The man of business, he has his own business. Market conditions, in a word, "whips". "We need to consult, there is a great idea!" — Intrigued him. The idea seemed extravagant: to open in New York agency for the Americans, immigrants wishing to work in Russia!

— In Raschke (the so-called Russian emigrants former homeland) Now many people want to go — enthusiastically explained his project source. — There's a lot of money you can earn. In general, there is a demand.

U-turn over the ocean

How so? Until a few years ago, the notorious "brain drain" in Russia was considered one of the major horror stories. Crowds of immigrants were drawn to the West, dreaming of a hearty share and happiness for their children. Left forever in a nightmare could not wish for the return trip. And that process has gone backwards. Suffice it to recall the well-known names of returnees (see list). People do not take into account the public more difficult. No exact statistics. But experts on migration say that due to the "prodigal sons and daughters," Russia has been going on for thousands. Only in Israel in recent years have returned, according to various estimates, up to 50,000 immigrants. A little less from Europe and the USA. Most are packing their bags back silently. But there are also those who are in a big Russian soul cruelly laughing at their host "decadent West." And especially for some reason goes to America.

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