Why do people who have left Russia, it is still coming back?

Recently, a special correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in New York turned journalist acquaintance, who emigrated to the United States a quarter-century ago. The man of business, he has his own business. Market conditions, in a word, "whips". "We need to consult, there is a great idea!" — Intrigued him. The idea seemed extravagant: to open in New York agency for the Americans, immigrants wishing to work in Russia!

— In Raschke (the so-called Russian emigrants former homeland) Now many people want to go — enthusiastically explained his project source. — There's a lot of money you can earn. In general, there is a demand.

U-turn over the ocean

How so? Until a few years ago, the notorious "brain drain" in Russia was considered one of the major horror stories. Crowds of immigrants were drawn to the West, dreaming of a hearty share and happiness for their children. Left forever in a nightmare could not wish for the return trip. And that process has gone backwards. Suffice it to recall the well-known names of returnees (see list). People do not take into account the public more difficult. No exact statistics. But experts on migration say that due to the "prodigal sons and daughters," Russia has been going on for thousands. Only in Israel in recent years have returned, according to various estimates, up to 50,000 immigrants. A little less from Europe and the USA. Most are packing their bags back silently. But there are also those who are in a big Russian soul cruelly laughing at their host "decadent West." And especially for some reason goes to America.

Rebel, villain and hero

One of these — the 35-year-old software engineer Victor Friedman, who has lived 11 years in California. His hostility to America, he began to voice still there. In 1999, after 8 years of "American enjoying happiness", threw the internet cry of his soul. Reflections called "The Other Side of America." Here's just one quote: "Medium high school graduate is similar to the U.S. average moron." And so — almost everything. The writing has caused a wave of indignation in emigre circles. But there were those who shared the views of the rebel. Since hitherto humble man turned into a revolutionary hero and villain in one. Victor consistently repeated that he would return to Russia. Few believed him. After all, he continued to live in the United States. And brave man got Tootles label.

About all this we say to him a frosty February evening in his apartment in Moscow. He has lived here for three years. The apartment is removable, but it is furnished with love. Simple furniture, books, flowers. The piano — Photo mom. Eight years ago, American doctors were unable to save her. On the rack in the hall hangs a badge indicating that Victor is a manager in the basketball club "Dynamo".

By Victor just dropped in to visit a friend — Paul Strizhevskiy. He, too, returned from the United States, engaged in sports journalism and found his girlfriend — Lena.

— I did not aspire to fame, especially such controversial. Just grieved. — So Victor explains the origin of his "other side …". — Many people find happiness in America, and I'm happy for them, but I also know that many people want to come back. But for this we need to reverse themselves, to realize that he was wrong. Instead, they convince themselves that came true. Seek out bad news about Russia, savor them. On the Russian diaspora have raised the furious barking. But I did not care. I then understood everything and decided.

— And at first you do not understand?

— No. Although at the outset did not want to leave Russia. Then, in February 1991, I was 20. I studied at the 3rd year student. I had great friends, a girl Jeanne. Why would I leave? My father kept saying — we must go. You can understand. His father and mother in the 30's walked away from the Great Depression and decided they wanted to build communism. My grandfather then shot them, was thrown into the camp grandmother, father — in an orphanage.

— The father rushed to their historical homeland?

— Yes. My mother was the death, and in that sense, I went into it. But my father, "processed": "You — the future engineer, but here you have no future!" And we're broke.

— So, how was your first impression of America?

— Yes way. Boredom, especially at first. Everything is strange. "We have there, they are here," — and we were talking about. I felt like a plant that is transplanted into a pot, but forgot to water. Over time, it became clear that American society is a surrogate or something.

— Artificial smiles, the food?

— And this, too. All unnatural. But once arrived, it was necessary to live. I went to university. Studying was boring. In addition, there was a period of adaptation, "bezbabya."

"Bush — a goat." — "I agree, let's go to bed"

— The money you have in mind?

— No. Normal girl in America to find a problem. Either occupied or not the same. And I have the most flourishing, hormones play. American women I did not even consider. They both conveyor. And no desire to look attractive. And our girls are coming to the United States, are perishable.

— Get fat on fast food?

— Not only, but this also. Reborn, perhaps, in moral terms.

— In Russia, a huge number of beautiful women over the years can not find a normal guy — Paul entered into the conversation. — They are not enough. The same thing, only in reverse, in America. And when our girls get back to them for the battle begins.

— They need to grab straight from the plane! — Says Victor.

— But local students?

— Faceless brand: shorts, sneakers, hair in a bun, cosmetics — zero.

— And trying to get to know you do not even have to do?

— Attempts were. Even novels. But the maximum — for a week. And so serious — no way.

— With American women, of course, you can flirt — adds Paul. — They respond. No arguing against nature. You can invite a bar, a movie, you can take away home with me. But I weighed down the idea that I can wake up with this woman. What should I tell her? We do not talk about. Catastrophically.

— As if we are from different planets — says Victor. — I can not quote her Russian film, we have a walking phrase. She does not need to chew it.

— But you can talk about politics — I object.

— What policy? "Bush — a goat." "Yes, I agree, let's go to bed."

— Friendship?

— Even harder to make friends than to sleep. The Americans have not friendship, and feasibility. And if you have mental anguish, you do not take off your phone in the morning and did not call a friend, it is not accepted. And what there is hypocrisy! I got a job in a large firm of electronics. On Friday evening, my colleagues and warm goodbye. And while driving home, they left me a message on my answering machine that they no longer need my services.

— Look, maybe you'd been a failure?

— Yeah, familiar tag! I did not want to argue. I had all of what is called the proverbial "American dream." Job, car, house, a group of friends. When I was living for themselves and live it up, I was fine.

— And the girl did not find?

— Found it. Of Russia. And he married her. Began to think about the future. Went to work past the school, surrounded
by a high wall, like a prison, looked closely and saw the shaven morons. And I realized: I do not want my heirs were Americans, want to raise children in Russia. But his wife refused to move. And I'm left alone.

— Threw unhappy?

— I would not say — I told her, and now helping. We called back, telling the news. Although already divorced.

— It turns out on ideological grounds?

— In general, yes.

Well, stupid!

— How much do you earn?

— In the year up to 9000 dollars a month.

— Enough to live on?

— More than. However, I did not pay income tax.

— How?

— And that's it. A U.S. citizen who lives and works within the country and not having foreign income is exempt from income tax. Once I took it and did not file a tax return.

— And you have not planted?

— I filled up the letters. Thought, as soon as I see the tax official, falling into a swoon. But I was prepared. I said I did not refuse to pay taxes imposed by law. And they could not prove anything.

— What is America from the likes of you, not to hedge?

— The Constitution does not allow. Then it will have to rewrite. But there is a lot of ridiculous laws and warnings. It comes to the point of absurdity. I bought a packet of pasta. They are coarsely written: "After boiling pasta can be hot." This conscious odebilivanie themselves.

— Hence, human satirist Zadornov, saying that Americans' well-at stupid? "

— A little bit exaggerated, but in fact right. Our man with his adventurous nature there bored. No golf activities. Here's my father bought an apartment, hung on the door bell. And the house is not nobody calls. Father received a letter from the building management that it violates the aesthetic integrity of the home.

— And as the father react?

— He sent them. He actually also agree that in the U.S. a lot of idiocy.

— And they may think we are idiots — I carefully reasoned.

— Similarly, in Russia idiocy even more — I support Paul — but our idiocy dearer to me, clearly. Although I am not in America to claim. She gave me a lot. And I respect her.

The "cold war" did not end

— And Russia?

— For the nightmarish lives of our poor old me ashamed. But here I am still happy!

And Victor recalls his first few months in Russia:

— I then took an empty apartment, where of dishes — only one plate with the words "Food service". But there was a feeling of euphoria. From what I wake up in Moscow and that I live here now. This is an absolute fortune.

— In the future Russia do you believe?

— It depends on what is meant by the future — says Paul. — Now in Russian stability due to high oil prices. A fall, will be a full kirdyk.

— And I believe in Russia — fits into the conversation came to visit another friend Vitin — programmer Michael Mosolov. He managed to give up in Australia and now works at the Moscow Zoo.

— Communicate with those who are now Drapano of Russia?

— Basically it is the people of the province. But you can not blame them. Province — not Moscow, — says Misha. — And here's the girls who want to marry a foreigner, I do not understand. He tried to explain to them that there will be no happiness. It's useless.

— A friend of mine — I object — in the United States started the husband returned with him to Moscow and said: I am grateful to the American feminists for the fact that every morning getting coffee in bed.

— I'm happy for her. But basically our go to foreigners, only to fall down. A mediocre men there. Sorry for these girls. The husband does not beat. But the total lack of understanding.

— We are interested in them at all?

— We do not exist for them. Like the rest of the world, even Europe. Although I was once asked whether sold in Russia Coke, — Misha grins.

— They are about us still know little — adds Victor. — I do believe that the "cold war" did not end just went to another level.

— By the way, that's my girlfriend, whose American husband, claims that the Americans who have visited Russia, infected and suffer from it all my life.

— And my American friend, arrived in Russia, was surprised that we have civil liberties more than they have — says Victor. — By the way, to be released in the summer of printing my "Socialist States of America." In my opinion, the U.S. is more like the Soviet Union in its negative manifestations. And Russia is now very different.


Short list of returnees

Writer Eduard Limonov the 70 lived in the United States and in France. Went back to the early 90's, disillusioned with capitalism, which may have led him into politics.

Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich and singer Galina Vishnevskaya, drank some freedom in the United States in the early 90's realized that Russia, too, has become free.

Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn noisy returned from the U.S. in the 90s. And nostalgia drove across Russia by train.

Philosopher Alexander Zinoviev rejected the delights of Western democracy, while living in France and Germany since the mid-70s. He returned in the early '90s.

Actor and director Michael KOZAKOV found no joy in Israel, where he was able to live a few years. He returned to Moscow.

Writer Vasily Aksenov, denigrate the Soviet Union and exalted the Western way of life, came from the United States in the 90s. And shared his experiences as a publisher forced him to sell books, signing autographs at the entrance to the supermarket.

Anchorman Alexander GORDON, lived 7.5 years in New York for 10 years in Russia reiterates that a normal person living in America can not.

Singer Jeanne Aguzarovoj also failed. And to meet her countrymen after several years of absence in the United States for a long time wondering what happened to the talented girl.

Hockey stars Pavel Bure and Vyacheslav Fetisov, earning millions of dollars in Canada and the United States in recent years, give themselves to the Russian sports.

Chanson Anybody and Willie TOKAREV, making a career in Brighton, now sung in Russian.

In theater director Yuri Lyubimov, jazzman Igor Butman, composer Maxim Dunaevskaya, director Andron Konchalovsky, Actress Helena Korenevo also had reason to return home at the end of the last century. There is no doubt that they understood the price of the motherland.


My Country

When I took on this subject, I was in a panic. I thought the day with a lantern will have to look to Moscow rare returnees. I had no idea that they would be SO MUCH!

They fell down on all sides. I was told of businessmen who have successfully established business here, about bankers, programmers, musicians. One day suddenly caught the eye of a boutique, which opened a former American. It turned out her clothing brand sold all over Moscow. Immediately reminded of my student and friend who wanted to go to the U.S. and marry the senator. In America, she graduated from the university, the senator did not get it, but it Timosha (Tom from Colorado) proposed to her on Capitol Hill near the Senate building. And after the wedding, the new Russian-American unit of society came to Russia to raise their children here. And you know, they are happy here!

Listening to Victor Friedman, I was try
ing to figure out how he is sincere. For now, he does not have his property, while his wife is also there, but he says that nothing spared, and that he'll be.

So why do they come back? — Racked up a question. Is Russia has become a country where suddenly it became possible to carry out the very coveted "American Dream"? Yes, and today we live is not easy. But clearly was better fed, more stable. A fun we always had.

Maybe that's why most of the returnees in the rich and the right, but a strange society was so unbearably sad. Maybe that's why now flocked here their abducted children who were educated there, but rightly expects that here they can earn more. And most importantly — get more understanding, recognition and … freedom. Yes, it is freedom that America was in zaformalizovannoy less!

No one argues, many of our emigrants quite settled and in a foreign land. But when I see some of them on our TV screens, I feel sorry for some reason. Genius clown Oleg Popov, lost in Germany, or a terrific actress Elena Nightingale, sunk into obscurity in the United States. As she says in a rare interview that everyone in America happy, heart aches for some reason. And you want her to come back. Because too see her eyes on this shout Russian people without a homeland — these are people with no luck. Come back. We are waiting for you.

TV host Alexander Gordon: USA — grunt country

— Do not get me wrong. Like America: fields, forests, fish and all the many Americans who live there — not in the cities and in rural areas. But the way of life … This state of grunt, I still recall with horror. The more I live, the more life becomes unbearable, because I have seen the end of the drawn road, which will have to go until the end will not fall down. I still love the unpredictability of our lives, but it leaves the hope that something might happen, and that's what gives us strength to go further. When I realized this, I had to quickly shedding, not to become a grunting average American citizen.

Cabaret singer Willie TOKAREV: West dreams, Moscow runs

— In the USSR, I could not realize itself as wanted. But, leaving, believed that back. In the U.S., it was not easy. But I reached a level of the average American: a house, a car, a garage. Could travel the world, to have children in the United States, Britain and France. But I wanted them to live in Russia. Ten years ago, I came back, got married and started two children. I understand those who return. No nation can match us. Russian did not lose spiritual qualities. Blase West goes on, people live in small kettles. In the evening, almost all the world's capital of sleep, and Moscow, as an anthill. Russia runs forward. Our flywheel spins only. Here a stunning pace of life. Better country you just do not find anywhere else!

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