Why go back to Moscow, those who have long lived abroad

The Village spoke with six citizens who had once left the country, but then returned on their own initiative — about why western Moscow disorder better stability.

The desire to dump appears in many — when once again got nasty in ZhEKe, giving up on the subway or told that the new president will be old president. Polls show that dream to emigrate from Russia is not less than 20%, and it seems absolutely everyone who has the opportunity to go to work or study in the U.S. or Europe, do not miss your chance. But the opposite situation occurs. The Village has collected stories of people who could stay, but after living abroad for some reason decided to return.

Dasha Zorich

29 years, co-owner of petanque cafe
La Boule Gorky Park

Country: France, United States
She left in 2000 and returned in 2010

What did abroad:

Education:Rutgers Business Schol
in New Jersey, the program MBA Marketing in the Arts.


Work: The international coordinator of Vichy in the agency BETC Euro RSCG, the coordinator of the training program, courses and master classes at the school Juste Debout, freelance organizer of concerts and tours.

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Why leave?

I went to study in Classe Preparatoire HEC in the capital of Brittany — Rennes, where he lives, studies and teaches math my dad. Then she went to business school in the academic town in the south of France, and from there went to New York for part of the MBA program Marketing in the Arts. I liked living in Europe. I liked the sense of social justice, which we completely devoid in Russia. The government cares about the people there — this can be judged by the way the city adapted to the needs of people with disabilities: transportation, public spaces, schools, universities, dormitories. But while social justice — not only of concern of the state: jobs for people with disabilities is constantly open to companies of various profiles, management of any company reports on its environmental productions, charity events are held. There is a daily feeling that everything around you is moving in a better way, evolving, and so are you.

I interned and then worked in a variety of places: in the marketing departments of a glossy magazine and a major cosmetics companies in the two branches of international advertising agency, in small underground Altered Realities Event prodakshenah and even in museums. About three years ago I started a new profession — has left the main office of an advertising agency in the newly opened School of the Arts. I performed there duties on the person at the reception before the financial analyst and coordinator of the training program. In parallel, there was time to do his own thing — I organized tours and concerts of young musicians.

Why come back?

Twice a year, I came to Moscow for the holidays and see how the current city. As my friends open their business, spend some festivals, holidays, and I saw a more dynamic life here than in Europe, and I wanted most to take part in the changes, and not to look at them from the side.

I pondered his return to Moscow, but finally helped me decide circumstances. Friend from Russia offered along with it a huge festival Dance as You are (S-Versia) in Kazan. I realized that I really want to participate in this project I will be able to realize the experience, I could be an architect — that is, to carry out their own, and not someone else's idea of a big city for the event. Simultaneously, I was able to scout the situation in Moscow: what has changed, what excites people, what they want, they read, they discuss what music to listen to than to get addicted. And I found myself here, found a thousand lessons. Our festival in Kazan was very successful, I test the waters for the importation of foreign artists, which, in my opinion, deserve the attention of the Russian viewers and listeners. Together with a friend and his colleagues from the agency Shaco we organized a concert in Moscow French modern ballet in the future was going to be engaged in similar tours. But the organization of festivals all do not stop there.

Once I got on the corporate-friendly petanque day — it spent a few years in a row my friend a French Blanche Neumann, who has eight years of living in Moscow. I was so inspired by a mix of people of different ages, professions and backgrounds, so it was pleasant, light-hearted and friendly as people look to the balls from the bowls that I decided to "move petanque in the masses." We Blanche opened my coffee petanque in a place that has become a symbol of change in Moscow — Gorky Park.

For many years lived abroad, taught me a lot. I'm very fond of, and Paris, and New York, and more than once back there, but I also realized that not a lot depends on the circumstances and the conditions of the environment. If you do something with your own hands, to change the world around them, to care about the people around, anything can happen.

Oleg Fedotov

32 years old, Creative Director
in Look At Media

Country: Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong
He left in 1999 and returned in 2012

What have you been abroad:

Education:National School of Design in Melbourne.


Work:Art director of the Hong Kong Tatler, creative director of the publishing house Edipress in Singapore, Art Director design studio Sense in Melbourne.

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Why leave?

The first time I left Moscow in 1999 — went on to study at Sydney College, then entered the University of Melbourne — I studied graphic design. He left because then in Moscow for this specialty was nowhere at all. I just collected the necessary documents, went to express English courses. It was all terribly dreary and difficult, but I set a goal and achieved it.

After that, I worked in Moscow, Australia, then in Hong Kong, Singapore, and then again in Australia and is now back in Moscow. All it took almost ten years of my life, and everything was fine. But once I realized that it has achieved everything he wanted, and you can either emigrate permanently or return. And I did not want to emigrate. I realized that this had not really wanted.

Why come back?

You know, I was living in one of the most comfortable of the world, but now, after returning to Moscow, I do not feel that a consumer point of view, it became much worse. Traffic jams, rush hours in the subway, dirty streets — yes, it's all there in Moscow, but in Melbourne its drawbacks. There superkomfortnye train station, each car is worth millions of dollars, but if you're late on one, then you have to wait about an hour another train. Every city has its pluses and minuses.

Especially Moscow also has changed dramatically in recent years. Here, in general, has everything you need: cafes, shops, restaurants. And professional development opportunities also exist. Maybe in Europe, in America, even in Asia is more space for the career: there markets are global. But the scope for personal development is not the
re — you'll always be an expatriate.

I realized that all my love there will be work-related. About me will say, "Oh, that's wonderful art director of such and such agency." And in Moscow alone, there are people with whom we were drinking beer in the street many years ago, who know what I'm capable of some crazy things. These friends I can always come — even at night, though drunk, though sad, though sober. Such abroad I never will.

Alexander Shaforost

39 years old, the owner of the company
for the production of natural food
"Society with the natural flavor of number 1"

Country: U.S., Britain, France, Italy
She left in 1992 and returned in 2005

What did abroad:

 Education: MBA INSEAD.


Work: Consultant Value Partners (Rome), a senior manager at EADS (Paris).

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Why leave?

My mother always dreamed about foreign countries into deep Soviet times, and when the Pope with his new family decided to leave, I was sent to them in the United States. I certainly did not plan to go anywhere from Kiev, from friends … But we were leaving for good, and the plans were to help my mother and younger sister to get to America as soon as possible.

The first six months were terrible. From the big city of rapid I moved to a small village in Bayonne, New Jersey. For the second year in applied mathematics and computer science, with plans to graduate school — in gryaznenko laundry where I had to work for minimum wage. I cried, begged my mom to take me back to Kiev, but she wisely advised: be patient, learn the language, go on studying, and maybe you'll like it. Money on the way back was not, those 300 dollars, which I brought to America, went to the family piggy bank.

There was no choice: to learn a little English, came after eight months in college, married the same immigrant from the Soviet Union, worked and studied all day and gradually climbed the social ladder — has taken root. We lived in Queens in a basement in Jersey City in a luxurious apartment with views of the Manhattan skyline, then jumped into the heart of New York City. Then I moved a lot five years in England, France and Italy. And in 2005, I realized that I wanted to go back — the post-Soviet space.

Why come back?

I feel at home here, in Moscow, in spite of the dirt, dullness, frequent rudeness. It is interesting, fun, crowded and just no end in terms of business. Compared with the U.S., there is almost nothing and can be daring. In most cases, at least among my friends back in Russia because there astronomical salaries in the corporate world, even in comparison with London and New York. They drop the last few years, but still they are very high for certain types of people educated in Ivy League universities, speak several languages, experience in both foreign and Russian companies.

In his own business, everything is more complicated. In the U.S., it is possible to start with the maximum and minimum grant their own means, and there's how it goes. In Russia it is necessary to lay out or pick among investors in the amount of ten times more, and every detail of the business will be more expensive. But here the huge potential of growth, and in the U.S. often creeps thinking that everything has been invented and is really good. Here is a little more complicated, and that's the beauty for me.

At the same time, Moscow has everything I lacked abroad: an understanding of the family, the ability to not only meet, but also very fast to converge with insanely interesting people. In surrounding the animal desire to break — it's great, it creates a sense of life, not slumber, as in America.

Anna Kamynina

26 years, researcher
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Country: United Kingdom
She left in 2011 and returned in 2011

What did abroad:

Work: at the Institute of Neurology
University College London

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Why leave?

I was preparing for the defense of the dissertation — studied the methods by which it is possible to defeat Alzheimer's disease. I was a competitor at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. At first, the work did not develop: that no reagents, the funding, the working environment. I did not give up looking for the opportunity to do the right thing. In Russia did not succeed. As luck would have come across a professor in London, Russian, he agreed to help the "desperate Muscovite" — so he called me and then. I managed to get a grant, which was enough for the road to England and modest living there. For two months I did the job that is trying to do for two years. I got into one of the most powerful institutions in the world of neurology. Work there — a pleasure. All regulated, the necessary reagents for a day at your desk, equipment supernova environment in mind.

Only here on the third day of my stay there I began to slowly notice the shortcomings. International team, very friendly, but with its own characteristics — it's not for the life of a friend to talk to. There's not talking about his life and the news in the newspaper about the weather. It's nothing personal. And do not get into the soul by asking the question: "How are your parents relate to the fact that you live for 500 miles away?" It is not accepted, it's crazy for them. Yet they are workaholics terrible, at least those with whom I talked. In general, while I was there, most of the time I talked with Russian. They will listen, and understand and support.

Another big problem — housing. You are a student, graduate student, postdoc. What can you afford — a room in a five-room apartment with shared bathroom and a small kitchenette. Neighbors are usually negros and Indians. Plus transport insanely expensive. In general, the salary of the scientist's own needs is not so much. London My supervisor asked me to stay and work in the UK after I defended my dissertation proposal and received from the Israeli and German scientific institutions. But I did not go anywhere.

Why come back?

Returning from England with five kilograms of chemicals, which can not get in Russia, I realized that not moving to any other country. There are too many disadvantages, despite the vaunted stability. When you will live in England, you will see what their problems with transport and that people are not always as much correct, as we see it. Bureaucracy in England — a separate issue, at least for expats there messing around with bits of paper no less than here.

If Moscow was a perfect swamp in science, I would have gone, but there is not a swamp. We had a test of poverty, wealth is now testing: for example, on the same "Skolkovo" contributed a lot of money, and how they are distributed — the big question. There are those who continue to work hard to achieve the fundamental objectives and living in poverty, there are businessmen who do science for a fabulous price. But there are those who make serious science and is suitable for her. It all depends on the willingness, integrity, healthy ambition. It is necessary to communicate, start dating, looking for funding — the possibilities are there, you just have to see them. Now the question of residence I dropped by itself. I will tr
y to build something around it, not run from nowhere to nowhere.

Frol Burimsky

26 years, the brand manager
Ulyana Sergeenko

Country: France
He left in 2008 and returned in 2010

What have you been abroad:

Work: Managing boutique Damir Doma

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Why leave?

I grew up in St. Petersburg, at age seventeen for a few months left to study in the small Dutch town of Utrecht in the Netherlands. I then, of course, in Europe, all struck. It seemed to me that this is a completely different world, a paradise on earth. Probably every Russian is the notion that Europe — this is paradise. Since then, I've often thought about what it would be cool to go to live abroad. And four years ago, I was such an opportunity: I was invited to work in Paris, Damir Doma. And I agreed with great pleasure.

The first time, I certainly enjoyed Paris. Elementary walk there for bread turns into an aesthetic pleasure. It is a city where you can walk. When was the last time just walking around Moscow, I do not remember our capital, this does not adapted. Or, for example, the food in Paris is much better.

Why come back?

I was planning to stay in Europe, I had a contract that I could not extend, had the opportunity to obtain a residence permit. But after two years of a wonderful life, I realized that something was wrong. I have a different look at Russia. First, I realized what a Russian soul. These are your friends, who are desperate enough to make any rash acts, they can, people are optional, but always ready to help if the situation is critical. In Russia the most basic things require disparate efforts, and those people who are ready to apply, achieve truly impressive results.

Maybe I just missed my friends, but it seems to me that the Europeans are still very different. In this case, all the everyday problems no longer seemed quite so important. I stopped so hard to feel the difference between the European and Russian welfare unsettled, has ceased to complain.

With regard to professional issues — in Moscow, you can do better. In Europe, the job market is so full that the wedge is very difficult, especially with the new project. Moscow is — a fertile field. There's money, there are people who are interested in living, working, try something new. In this case, there is an acute shortage of professionals. I was organizing demonstrations to mark Ulyana Sergeenko, where he is now working — so it was impossible to give to outsource all the little things necessary to do themselves, because there are optional, carelessness. That is, if you're a good professional, you'll always find a job.

I can not say now that I was somehow a great patriot. But I like it here and now in Moscow. Now here is a place where I can apply my skills learned in Paris, there are my friends, and everything is fine. But I would have gladly gone somewhere else to live. Only to return again. For me, a trip somewhere — this is not an attempt to escape from the Russian reality, but rather an opportunity to gain valuable experience.

TWIGA Vasilyeva

29 years old, artist, art director
Garden of them. Bauman, co-founder of the brand Silent Wood

Country: United Kingdom, Finland
She left in 2005 and returned in 2010

What did abroad:

Education: BA Photography.


Work:Green Lanes Studios (London).

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Why leave?

Many years ago I was assigned a job interview in a glossy magazine known to everyone as assistant picture editor. With photo issues have arisen, but the phrase «lets keep our fingers crossed» I could not move, and the interview turned into a fiasco. Work in the magazine was for me then, and to dream. The dream collapsed. I decided to go to Malta learn English, then decided to pass the IELTS. So I was in London, I thought, just for a couple of months.

At university in England, I came spontaneously. My Moscow girlfriend (who, by the way, is still in London, for more than 10 years old) just studied at Camberwell College of Arts, and I listened open-mouthed to her stories about girls who print photos on the leaves of the park, and then carry them back on the boys, who themselves make paper and we put on the emulsion. The best I could find in Moscow related to the picture — it's Historical Archives Institute, Department of Film, photos and records. That is why, while I was in London, decided to take a chance — my mother sent urgently portfolio, I went for an interview and was admitted to the University College for Creative Arts.

With fellow students I was very lucky, considering the fact that my English was so good that I could sit in a lecture hour and suddenly realize that it's all the other faculty. Plus I was the only foreigner, and even the oldest of them all. Many were afraid of me, but those who turned bolder, we became friends and are now doing the work and the exhibition together (now a creative team Wandering Bears).

About London a lot of good things written, and almost all — the truth. I was not expecting anything special, I just had a strong desire to learn. After five years of historical and archival it seemed unimaginable luxury to learn photography and just think about it, put your favorite activity in priority and call all of this study. The teachers are all very open. I made friends with Jason Evans, who then worked with Four Tet and Radiohead, it motivated me and inspired.

Why come back?

In Russia I was forced to come back and broke his leg in six places when tripped in the street. In England, a great free medicine, beautiful colored plasters, but the parents felt better to see me at home. In addition to climb to the second floor with a broken leg in an apartment, which I then took off, it was impossible.

While I was in England, it seemed obvious to me that I stay in London after graduation. I recovered, looked in Moscow, met with friends, old and new, grown-up, and did the deed, — that's all I really liked it. Friends found themselves in various fields — in music, journalism, the arts and entrepreneurship. Although then it was all on the level of feeling, something was in the air, led to believe that everything will be. And now I see that I was not mistaken.

The main theme of my work — illegal logging. I've worked in the forests of Russia and Finland. Previously, this problem is very few people were interested in our homeland, are now slowly changing, the theme becomes relevant. I'm happy about that, although there is still exhibited their projects mostly abroad (Vanishedforest.com).

I chose to Moscow and do not regret it, even though the opportunity to go to London have so far. Of course, we will not renounce, but now my main inspiration and what keeps me here — it's the people around me things.

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