Why Hollywood is suffering russophobia

Nicolas Bonnal Russophobian talks about the mood in Hollywood cinema. After all, in the Hollywood Hills that no film about the Russian, then some kind of pun or a misunderstanding with Bears,
balalaika, red baggy trousers, a fur hat and vodka. And it is, in the opinion of Bonnal, not narrow-mindedness of Americans, but on the contrary, the exact calculation and a particular purpose.

Entertainment films makes the fact that realnostdeformirovana, and our imaginations are extremely stretched and we set aside our disbelief for a moment.

As we know, in American culture for centuries there was a struggle between good and bad guys. This black-and-white dichotomy may be called the war of good and evil, right from wrong, she can relate to politics, to impose or displays to Hollywood (here you can choose the term depending on tastes), which is developing the policies that govern the movement of American elites.

As once said former and a pretty good actor Ronald Reagan, looking "Rambo 2": "Now I know what to do when a hostage rescues operation." Reagan was also known for his attitude toward the former Soviet Union as an evil empire, and the fact that he started a fake "star wars", referring to the famous epic saga. It is for us — the best example of how important the relationship between the media and these politicians.

After all, the whole studio was preparing terrorist material the American public to preventive wars of this century — as in Arab countries and elsewhere in the world. Hollywood has always engaged in that spread prejudice against states and nations. And being reminded of the Soviet Union, it seems important and useful to emphasize the following fact: with radical fashion elite Marxism seeps into the world of Hollywood writers, but at the time the Soviet Union was more protected from the machinations of Hollywood agents than Russia. During and after the Second World War, the Soviet Union was the best country!

I remember a wonderful comedy, filmed by Joseph von Sternberg — "Pilot" ("Jet pilot") with a stellar John Wayne, known for its anti-Communist sentiments, and Janet Leigh, who plays the role of a very young, pretty girls Soviet pilot who falls in love our favorite cowboy! In the same vein, we can quote the epic film "Red" Betty Warren. And most recently, in the eighties, is "Red Heat" Walter Hill, in which Schwarzenegger plays a Soviet police agent who helps the Chicago police to deal with a local gang with ties to the Georgian mafia.

Even the "Dr. Strangelove" — military satire, denouncing crazy Cold War nuclear programs — not so much anti-Communistic — responsibility lies with the two warring parties. And we just laugh when George C. Scott rant about the color of the Russian nation as "illiterate peasants", which the free world does not have to be afraid of. In concluding thought, I should point out that I do not know any more or less important film about Stalin. Hitler was ridiculed and turned into the devil a thousand times, and Stalin — ever. If only he had killed, deported or starved millions of Russian and Ukrainian; and, besides, it seemed to lose sight of league defenders of morality in the West.

However, in many American films, including the classic musical "Fiddler on the Roof", Russian Revolution was called humane, while the kings in the previous revolution of Russian society were branded with the nickname of "anti-Semites." Everyone is well aware that the "Jewish Moguls" played the most significant role in Hollywood, driving major film studios (see the book by R. Gabler, "A world of their Own"), and that the Jewish people have always considered myself a victim of tsarist, that motivated them today to recognize their participation in communism and the Soviet revolution. An example may serve as a read-Jewish writers such as Pipes ("Russian Revolution"), Slatkin and, of course, Lindemann — all on the same theme.

Let us recall the words of Nietzsche, who described the agony and predicted great Russian-Jewish conflict in his work "On the other side Good and Evil "," The Thinker, in whose heart is concern about the future of Europe, in all its perspectives on the future will be with the Jews, just as it will be considered and Russian — as standing above all, accurate and indisputable factor of great games and Battle the forces of the world. "

Russo-phobic sentiments still effective in Hollywood history, and from its very origins. For example, consider the graph of the motion picture Zarova — "The Most Dangerous Game," a film about a white Russian aristocrat who preys on people that got shipwrecked on his secluded island. The film showed hostility to the traditional imperial Russia, and what do we see in many motion-picture films of the thirties. Even the legendary film "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer" with a Russian spy Tatiana — an ally of the rebel Muhammad Khan shows the eternal struggle between the Russian and Anglo-Saxon world, the battle of whale and bear, in the words of Kipling and the Great Game. Let us remember today the Afghan wars …

The war against Russia, and also dealt with the oceans. Look, for example, "The World in his hands" — a wonderful adventure film, shot by Raoul Walsh, it describes the struggle for the fur trade in Alaska and the North Pacific territories. And, as always, we have incredibly sadistic Grand Duke, and in opposition to it — an American hero and explorer (Gregoi Peck) and "fell in love with a man of the people of the Countess," and another — the traditional caricature of Russia as an enemy of freedom. Americans just like always forget that the king graciously sold Alaska for only ten million dollars, and that Alexander II — incorrigible good man, tragically ended his life because of these terrorists — helped Lincoln against his old enemy — England at the beginning of the Civil War .

They also forget about the Russian colonization of the Americas in California, Fort Ross and extended parking Fleet Admiral Popov in San Francisco in 1860. Full version of Russian-American common history later inspire Nabokov to write his masterpiece "Hell."

Spy movies like "James Bond" evince more hatred, at least — in the sixties. This spy war that served or fantasies, or business, was not at all personal. Moreover — love stories played out between the so-called spies …

Recently, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the attacks against Russia have become more frequent. For example, a Russian terrorist in the movie "Air Force One" (always play Russian English actors, who boast of their ridiculous accent) help ill general (played by a German …). See the movie "The Holy", which exposes the nationalist oligarchs, or even more disgusting movie "The X-Files 2" or "Training Day", featuring obsessive cannibalism, prostitution, the so-called Russian mafia, and any mistakes in Russian behavior.

In one of the latest films by David Cronenberg's "Eastern Promises" (with star Viggo Mortensen), filmed in London, implausible given the facts and accusations of Russian gangsters, they are often shown as bigots, racists, misogynists and personality, unfit for life in our free and democratic world. The problem is that even the ordinary Russian people are poorly represented in this huge gathering of kinotrudov! Some would say that this is nothing special. However, the problem is that the material is now scrolls and looked all over the place, it — part of the U.S. matrix, which is now ubiquitous.

And the critics can only afford to see the movie at least the same Sokurov. Russian in the Hollywood film industry conti
nues to bear the label "Enemies of the free world", "anti-Semites", "authoritarian personality." Thus, we must reckon with the need to deal with such global prejudices which may inflame dislikes, and sometimes — to justify knows that, including wild diplomatic gestures.

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