Why is canceled for daylight savings time?


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1.09.11.S September 1, 2011 in Russia installed 9 time zones came to the jet lag. The most distant areas of the capital — plus eight hours to Moscow time — will Kamchatka, Magadan and Sakhalin.

Division in Russia for nine time zones replaced the division into 11 time zones, which operated from 1919, a new division was introduced by decree of the President of Russia on June 3, 2011.

The same decree abolished the annual transition from "summer" time entered in the USSR in 1981, to "winter."

The last time was the last time the Russians moved the clock forward one hour and went to the "Summer Time" on the night of March 27, 2011.

In June Daylight shooter was canceled: according to the decree signed by the President of Russia, the country refuses to transition to "winter time", that is, for the whole year is the "year."

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From the time factor:

It is doubtful that a translation of the clock for daylight saving time was at least some sort of economic benefit, but also the health of the procedure affects physicians is not the first cause negative statistics on the number of calls "emergency", the number of suicides, accidents and deaths from heart attack the first weeks after the "time shifting."

But is not the point, what could be called the whole "peretrubatsiya time and time zone" to try to push their own version. Since December 2009, I began to notice that when I come to the edge of the sun is shown from behind the horizon, although a year ago, in December 2008, but the moon shone and glowed coverage even those passing by people to make out it was difficult if not stoish right up to him, the time difference for the year before the rising of the sun was about 40 to 50 minutes, in March 2010, if you remember there was a strong earthquake in Chile, after which came the news in the internet:
From the powerful Chilean earthquake skewed axis of our planet and the day became shorter

But all would be fine, except that I noticed the difference of 4 months earlier than it was announced on the alleged bias axis that's what could and cause such deviations, but the advance was due to the rising to the earthquake in Chile? So it remains a mystery, and like all sewn indoor, but after that announcement that allegedly became shorter day, nothing has changed, at least visually it is not observed, in December 2010, I continued my observations, but on this occasion was advancing sunrise minutes can not say for sure, but what a sunrise again somewhat shifted it was obvious to me, but then how in January found not only for me, it's just noticed Grendlandii people who, after the polar night, in spite of all the laws of the sun has risen on Two days before, now imagine a picture of the sun for centuries in Greenland risen 13 January, for the people it was like a holiday, and there seems to be no apparent reason, it fell on January 11. As always followed banal justification quote from the article full text can be found at:
In Greenland, the sun rose two days early

But the explanation of the riddle early sunrise may be active melting of ice and extremely high temperatures in summer, autumn and early winter. Southern horizon on the west coast of Greenland could be deprived of ice and more open, so that the sun seemed before.

According to another theory, it could affect the optical phenomena, such as the Mirage. A large number of ice crystals or air masses of different densities can refract sunlight and form an imaginary sun over this, just below the horizon.

In March 2011, probably have not forgotten in Japan was a strong earthquake, and again in the internet there was a "tricky" information and is not much different from last year, so we have to face at least for two axis shift, I think for those lies, those who have already any longer is not the last:
Earthquake in Japan shifted the Earth's axis by 15 cm and reduced the length of Earth's day

Earlier, too, there were earthquakes, including a very strong and that after each of them we have changed the daylight hours? With their region, I can not tell you if the location of sunrise and sunset, errors may occur. But the sun rises ahead of schedule or simply rising work at least in the winter on my observations over the past few years, this I already beyond doubt. What could this be caused by not judge, the version of the displacement axis of course I have seen but it is hard to believe that because of the strong earthquakes, more like otbreh not rule out also that it could be the acceleration of time, this topic is too Online a lot of information occurred Why time is speeding up?   . This version seems the most appropriate, since the time for inner feeling really accelerated, and never have enough time, weeks fly by very quickly. After this time, "trimming" of the regions hardly anyone that questions why we have 3 in the morning is the dawn begins, because before to someone time zone to add an extra hour to as the line of sunrise was calculated more than once, maybe I what is wrong, everything is difficult to take into account, but still as they say in abundance. This strategy is very much like a game of thimbles "steeper turn my nai … Th want." 

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"The Prophet Muhammad said:" Do not come to an end until the accelerated time. Accelerate it so that the year will be fast as a month, a month like a week, a week as a day, and the day as one hour, the hour shall come to pass so quickly, like a flash sticks. "

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