Winter season 2012-2013, the changed climatic trend

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January 30, 2013. In the vast Arabian desert rain falls only in the winter, and that not more than 2-3 times a month. As a rule, only delays the sky with clouds, and a little pomorosit. Almost the same pattern is observed in all of Western Asia, which refers to the belt of subtropical arid deserts.

The hot climate and scant moisture turned a large area of southern Saudi Arabia and Iran in a lifeless desert. A similar pattern, with slightly better wetting, as the proximity of the Mediterranean influence is traced in Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Israel.

Almost all the local waterways experience seasonal fluctuations in water levels in winter they are filled in the summer? dry up. In the past few years? years, a sharp reduction in rainfall — even in winter, rivers and lakes shoaling.

This is clearly traced by the example of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River Israel. Due to the sharp decline in water resources Israel This problem has become an important state.

Against these negative events lined up a coherent theory of climate change, threatening the life of the country and the region. This went on for the last decade, has not come yet winter 2013.

Of course, it will not solve the problem of accumulated precipitation deficits, but can change the existing climatic trend. At the very least, the Dead Sea revived. Recall that in January after a series of storms level in it for the first time in the last ten years has risen by 10 cm
But, as events show, it's just the beginning. The next step was another wet Mediterranean cyclone to deepen the unexpectedly far east? up to Iran, and struck the region of the monthly rainfall to seasonal norms.

Thus, in the north of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and North Iran per day has dropped to 80 mm of rain in the mountains were snow. The consequences immediately showed themselves: torrents yellow water cut in the wilderness, "canyons" flooded the streets and in the home cities and towns. Some Bedouins have never in my life have not walked knee-deep in water.

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