Winter storm led to congestion on the federal highway Baikal

March 11, 2013. Track "Baikal" is still open for travel. But complications weather driving conditions on it can block.

The day before there was a blizzard, visibility was almost zero. It's complicated movement and even led to the collision of three trucks. The accident occurred in the area between Omsk and Novosibirsk, said in an interview with "RG" the head of the operation and the safety of roads Rosavtodor Igor Astakhov.

The most serious situation on March 9 road M-51 "Baikal"Barabinskyi area in the Novosibirsk region. Saturday morning in the village of bulky Ustyantseva driver of the vehicle lost orientation due to poor visibility and sharp maneuver led to the folding of a tractor and trailer. The result was completely blocked the roadway. The situation is further aggravated disorderly incident in the vicinity of the accident site. After that started forming tube in two lanes of traffic in each direction.

Because of the accident had to organize a reverse movement, but only for cars are as freewheeling trucks drive past could only small cars. But the truck drivers did not want to wait, and also began to try to pass, but made even worse — completely blocked the passage, including for road machinery. To pull apart the trucks and special equipment to clear the track had to wade through a field to the accident scene, said Astakhov. It was only three o'clock Sunday afternoon traffic was fully restored.

To eliminate the effects of congestion while the storm raged were involved in 11 units of road vehicles. In order to prevent further traffic congestion, Traffic police stopped the car at the service facilities. Truckers on the radio message was transmitted to renounce the movement in difficult weather conditions. As a result, a break in the movement lasted from 9 hours 30 minutes and 16 hours 07 minutes 9 March, local time.

A snow storm moved to the edge of the Kemerovo region. But there has already been decided to block the road at night. In accordance with the decision of the Commission for Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo region, from 19 pm on 9 March to 7 am on 10 March, it was banned the movement of all modes of transport by road, including the federal — M-53 "Baikal"Within the borders of the Kemerovo region, entrance to the city of Tomsk. Shortness of traffic on the highway there was downhill and uphill, where the single-axle trucks on summer tires had to pull tractors.

But the road builders had the time and opportunity to clear the road of snow. And then the traffic was resumed here. However, a major problem arose on the regional road. There are several hundred machines were up all night, even emigrated MOE to help. While there is a storm and calm down, but to "Baikal" there is a strong wind and road services are run in a special mode and ready if you need to block movement, Astakhov said.

In March holidays because of bad weather conditions the strongest hurricane that came from the north-eastern part of Kazakhstan, were observed in the Novosibirsk, Omsk and Kemerovo regions. Heavy snow, wind gusts of up to 27 meters per second, snowstorms have reduced visibility to 10 meters, stated in Rosavtodor. However, the coordinated efforts of the organization and the service road traffic police, were able to avoid long-term congestion and fatalities. When the number was imposed, clearing the routes continued to more than 350 units of snowplows. But, unfortunately, it was still closed movement regular buses to the site "Novosibirsk — Irkutsk." Reason: snow, blizzard, limited visibility.

Source: The Russian newspaper


Blizzard buried the woman in the Omsk region

March 11, 2013. Unprecedented snowfall in Siberia took another life. In the Omsk region in the woods found the body of a woman. Unhappy died from hypothermia just 200 meters away from human habitation.

43-year-old found the dead Osipovka north of the village on March 11. March 9, police asked her daughter, a statement about the search. According to the daughter, the mother went by taxi to the village of Omsk Chuchkino Gorky area and disappeared.

It is established that the taxi driver because of bad weather could reach only up to Osipovka. The passenger did not want to return to the city and went on foot — to Chuchkino was 2-3 kilometers. The driver returned to Omsk.

A woman looking for the dogs, bypassed both the village and its surroundings. In Osipovka confirmed that the dead have seen marching towards Chuchkino, reports "Interfax".

It is the next victim of snowstorms that before killed 8 people in Novosibirsk, Omsk and Altai Krai. Someone got lost and remained in snowdrift; Many died from carbon monoxide, waiting out the bad weather in the warm car.

Source: NTV


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