With traces of humanoids complete mess




For example, in the national park "Valley of the Dinosaurs", in the U.S. state of Texas just south of Dallas, river flows PAICEX. During the hot summer months, it is highly shoal and gaze presents a strange picture: the river bottom is strewn with fossilized dinosaur prints of three-toed feet, next to which are often seen as distinct traces of five-fingered feet, similar to the human. Giant will not name, but by the standards of modern humans, they too big: long reach many traces of 55 centimeters, although there are smaller ones. Age PAICEX prints on the river — about 140 million years old. The coexistence of humans and dinosaurs from the point of view of modern science is so incredible that most scholars prefer to consider human foot prints in the riverbed PAICEX fake. Meanwhile, in the "Valley of the Dinosaurs" show year after year more and more human footprints, raking them from the layers of mud and rock debris …

Despite the absurdity, in terms of modern official history, the coexistence of human and dinosaur tracks in addition to the strange, there are other indirect evidence for this hypothesis — see "Ica stones" and "Collection Dzhulsruda."

According to Dr. Johannes Fibaga from Germany: "If the fingerprints on the river PAICEX and other similar geological age of the formation is authentic, then it can only be on the traces of extraterrestrial intelligent beings." Opinion weighty, as it belongs to, perhaps, the best to date foreign researchers the problem of "ancient astronauts", who also is a professional geologist. There are, however, very simple, but extremely uncomfortable for this version of the question: Is the alien astronauts walked on the earth barefoot?

Other business — prints, similar to the traces of the shoe, but have come down to us, again, of the time when not only the "human shod", but also to be human at all on this planet could not. Such finds rare but do happen. For example, in the Gobi desert discovered the imprint that looks similar to the following grooved sole with heel. In the United States, in the state of Utah found a pair of fossilized prints "shoes" is quite a human-sized — 32.5 centimeters in length, also with heels … and age for at least 400 million years. In a bed of coal from the state of Nevada survived a trace of the sole, which allegedly even imprinted seam. Human foot prints surrounded by dinosaur footprints were recently discovered in Turkmenistan. A most elegant mystery of this series presents the facts all the same riverbed PAICEX: imprint bare feet, and only a meter away from him — footprint booted … The size of the feet of one who walked barefoot almost halved. Apprentice Earthling accompanied his heavenly teacher? Such a thought, not in jest, expressed Erich von Daniken-

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