Worn over the Iranian city of UFOs




April 21, residents of Pyla-Sevar Ardabil province in northern Iran witnessed a UFO flying in the sky over this city. According to an eyewitness, who shot flying object on a video camera, a glowing ball that has two plechevidnyh luminous wings, appeared in the sky over the city of Pila-Sevar at about 21:00., And it can be observed within 90 minutes.

The object flew straight at first, but suddenly and dramatically changed the direction of flight in four directions. The same shape UFO observed last week, residents Meshkinshahra and Ardebil. On the same day and at the same time witnessed the flight of "flying saucers" were residents of cities Gonbad Cavus and Gorgan Gorgan province in the north-eastern Iran.

Unidentified flying objects from 13 April periodically appear in the sky over the cities of Gorgan, Gonbad Cavus, Azadshahr, Ramiyan, Minudasht north-eastern province of Gorgan and cities Meshkinshahr, Ardabil and Pila-Sevar northern province of Ardebil.


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