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Wrinkle — a groove and skin folds occurring on the face, neck, hands and other body parts. They are the result of rupture and damage the connecting elastic fibers of collagen and elastin — the two most important components of human skin.

Wrinkles — the subject of frustration for any woman. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, at some point, she bitterly realizes that that happy period which was called "youth" already behind him, and with a wise attitude to life and the first wrinkles appear.

Age wrinkles — Is the result of natural processes occurring in the body. With age skin loses its elasticity, ceases to hold moisture, broken metabolism, which leads to changes in the surface layers of the skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, not only the time has an impact on our skin, but also the way we treat it. Many people believe that the main cause of wrinkles is aging. Often, however, the first wrinkles may appear in 10-20 years. This so-called wrinkles, arising due to repeated muscle contractions when speaking, laughing, habits, wrinkle your nose or frown at people with excessively mobile face.

What if this happens?

Our skin is arranged such that the collagen and elastin fibers form a dense network which is recessed into the jelly-like substance with a relatively small number of cells. Collagen fibers swell and absorb water, thanks to a young skin is taut. Unfortunately, over the years number collagen fibers decreases and ostavschiesya unable to save as much water as in younger years. They are increasingly losing the ability to swell and harden.

First wrinkles — at first it's barely noticeable fine lines — appear around the eyes, between the mouth and the nose. More often than not — it's fine lines. Over time, the number of elastic fibers of collagen and elastin decreases, their structure solidifies, they lose the ability to absorb and store moisture. And the wrinkles become deeper and more noticeable. Later, wrinkles on the forehead, and after forty-first wrinkles appear wrinkles on the neck and around the mouth. Such a "zone of aging" appear on every face, and this can not be avoided. But how early they occur and to what extent are expressed depends, first of all, from a genetic predisposition, and only then how do you deal with that inheritance.

What to do?

If you have aimed to reduce the number of wrinkles on your face, first of all consult a beautician. At the moment there are a lot of methods to restore your skin back into shape. One of the most popular techniques is the removal of wrinkles using biogel, which is inserted under the skin. In addition, the method of removing wrinkles Botox — when a person is introduced into the body in minimal quantities botullizma toxin, resulting in a temporary cessation of the reaction of subcutaneous nerve endings. This leads to a decrease in facial expression, and accordingly, a gradual wrinkles.


Most often, buying expensive cream "wrinkle" or heading to the beauty salon, women hope for a miracle. Advertising convinces — no matter how worn out your skin, no matter what happens inside it, you can find a remedy that will solve all the problems — eliminate wrinkles and age spots, moisturize dry skin, improve its elasticity, giving it a soft baby skin and the color of the petal of apple . The reality is much more complicated. Cosmetics, even magic, can make only a small part of the work, and the main magic is in the depths of the skin. It is on recovery and defenses skin calculated by all means miraculous rejuvenation, all the "magic bullets" and "fountain of youth".

Appearance Wrinkles can be, if not prevent, or at least significantly delay their appearance. It's not that hard, you only need the desire and patience. Watch yourself in the mirror and try to speak without much facial expression, quietly, laugh without excessive grimaces. Note sensations arising from this muscle. Remember them and then try for a day to keep these feelings. The more vigorously you seek to get rid of the habit of grimacing while talking and laughing, the faster it will happen, and you can ask your loved ones to remind you of this. The creases on the forehead can try to smooth out with the help of special exercises for facial muscles. A main condition for success — is to unlearn the habit of frowning.

One of the main factors of the appearance of wrinkles is sun. "Healthy" brown tan is not good for your skin. In addition, over the years, affecting the force of gravity, which pulls everything down. Naturally, it is desirable to quit. Researchers believe that smoking promotes the formation of wrinkles by destroying the collagen — the skin in heavy smokers up to five times wrinkled than nonsmokers. Accustomed always sleep in a position such that as little as possible "crush" his face, especially the skin around the eyes, because this is where the most visible wrinkles are formed. Very harmful habit of reading in bed, lying down at all — it leads to the appearance of wrinkles on the neck.

The appearance of wrinkles can be caused by improper care of the skin, especially dry. In this case, at least wash your face with soap and water, gently use bleaching creams and decorative cosmetics. Periodically, use a moisturizer to smoothen Wrinkles and make the skin smooth. However, their effect does not last long.

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