Xochicalco — the mysterious temple complex.

Xochicalco (Ast. Xochicalco) — The ancient pre-Columbian village in the western part of the Mexican state of Morelos. The name translates from the Aztec as a "house of colors". Archaeological site is 38 km south-west of the city of Cuernavaca. Amazing buildings, a golf ball, the cult of "feathered serpent", "underground solar observatory" and much more!

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From the point of view of architecture and iconography of Xochicalco like Teotihuacan, City of the Mayan civilization and culture Matlatsinka from the valley of Toluca. At present, some residents of nearby villages speak the Aztec.

The main ceremonial center and residential buildings (most of which are not excavated) are located on the long terraces on the slopes of artificially flattened hill. The settlement was first founded in 200 BC. e., but has developed into the city center only to the period of 700-900 years BC. e. Almost all the surviving buildings were built during this period. At the peak of the city's population could be 20 thousand people.

Home court for ball games in Shochikalko.Naskolko you can tell from the archaeological record, about the year 900 BC. e. Xochicalco city was burned and destroyed. The houses were left a variety of items, which may indicate that the city was abandoned and destroyed very quickly. A small part of the population continued to live on the lower slopes of the hill. Later, in 1200, the settlement was re-populated by the ancestors of the inhabitants of the modern atstekogovoryaschih the State of Morelos.

Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Xochicalco. Another main attraction is the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl Xochicalco, or the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, which includes friezes depicting the feathered serpent entwined around a temple on all sides. This structure is 21 by 19 meters at the base and 17 meters in height and is located in the so-called Main Acropolis Xochicalco (Xochicalco's).

Fragment piramiday Ketsalkoatlya.Hram Feathered Serpent was rebuilt under the guidance of the Mexican archaeologist Leopoldo Batres in 1910. Much of the excavation and restoration works were carried out during the project and Cesar Eduardo Nogueira Saerza, which lasted from the 1940s on, the 1960s. In 1976, archaeologist Rennes Hirt of the University of Pennsylvania began multi-season field work, which has resulted in a city map and excavation of houses and obsidian workshops.

Xochicalco (ast. Xochicalco), State of Morelos, Meksika.V 1988 also carried out extensive archaeological work, after which the museum was created to store all eksponatov.Muzey Xochicalco consists of six permanent exhibits, plus exposure to the corridor that hosts periodically changing exhibits. Each of the six expositions reflects a different aspect of life of residents Xochicalco. The museum has a good collection of carved and painted figures of many gods and religious characters such as Lord Xochicalco (Xochicalco).

Relief decoration on the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Xochicalco. Of particular interest are sculptured reliefs on the walls of some buildings. Temple of the Feathered Serpent has fine stylized depictions of the deity in a style that includes the visible impact of Teotihuacan and Mayan art.

Zone of Xochicalco archaeological sites. Among other monuments of Xochicalco — temples in the form of terraced pyramids, palaces, three golf ball, steam rooms, an unusual number of circular altars and a cave with carved steps. There are also several standing stelae, others are currently being exhibited at the Museum of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico City and in the museum at the site.

"Underground solar observatory" is one of the main attractions for visitors Xochicalco. When the sun passes through the zenith 14 and May 15 and July 28 and 29, a ray of sunlight passes through a hole in the ceiling uzkioe observatories and projects itself on polu.Esli you put your hand under the light beam say that you can see your skeleton on the floor of the cave. (In fact, it is a shadow, but rather the shadow of your shadow that creates this illusion.) To get to the observatory only after noon.

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