Yakut quarantine on poultry from chicken bronchitis


17.10.11.Na poultry farms in the small village of Yakut Nyurba quarantine and a special commission to ascertain the causes of an outbreak of chicken infectious bronchitis. For human disease is not dangerous.

— Likely to Nyurbinskaya poultry will be destroyed all livestock chickens, or more than 40,000 birds, — the deputy head of the national veterinary department Lyudmila Dydaeva. — If we keep at least one sick bird, there is a high probability that in the future the situation could happen again.

Dydaeva also explained that the virus susceptible chickens of any age, but is most vulnerable to the disease chickens. Infection occurs from sick birds, the virus is excreted in feces and through the respiratory system.

The country started checking and investigation revealed the presence of infectious bronchitis and other poultry.

Andrew Mirmovich

Source: Russian Newspaper

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